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  • Verified photosMISTRESS EVA GOLD - dominatrix in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Mistress please please don't laugh but i need to express myself. I feel so sad u have left Dubai , i will be missing you... i want to tell everybody my story with you vecause mistress i love u very much and i live for you. I first met you when u have just came in dubai ... i felt in that moment that u are my perfect god ... i remember even now out first session, just earlier this week my marks have dissappeared. I miss your super feet smell, i miss massaging you.. you teached me how to be a slave u initiated me, i recommed you to all the slaves in the world who want to be correctly initiated in this. You are the most powerful domina i have ever seen, you are super cool as a person, super personality, but 1000% professional . You know everything and how to do everything corecttly and in a game form, you mind games are all the time intelligent and from session to session you can never get bored. You teached me so much and made me your lifietime slave without even me wanting this, i cannot resist. Mistress Eva is very clean, smell very nice, her spit taste amazing , her feet are the most joyful cabdy i have ever tasted, her strap-on skills , whipping and torturing skills are high. Her bondage game on point. Her CBT and tranpeling amazing . This lady is simply amazing . All the guys who want to be teached to be slaves , Eva is the best guidance for beginners!
    My Goddess Eva Dubai will be missing your feet walking on it's ground!

    Don't cry too much . I will return