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My name EVA , you may call me Mistress, Goddess or Miss... my request is that you are mindful of your manners when you address me!🕯
♦A 25 year old GERMAN goddess who adores being worshipped, professional practicant of BDSM with highly developed skills. You are invited to EVA 's world ! A goddess that can with her beautiful eyes to enter your mind and with her sensual way will make you surrender and will make for herself a playground out of you, who adores being worshipped and respected. 🕯
♦When you come to me leave behind in the real world your pride and power so your surrender will be fully to me ...
I adore being surrounded by strong men who offer me the gift of their submission amoung other things.
I enjoy fully having sessions and i take them to another level. Don't be scared , i provide all intesity sessions, but mostly i enjoy the extreme ones. 😈
You want to feel how is to be controlled and used the right way? ...Bow down and surrender to my beautiful feet and kiss my soles like this is your only chance. Surrender to me, give in to me. Let us celebrate the art of eroticism together.🕯

♦ As for me i can provide all fantasies and fetishes to an intensity you never experienced before, some few examples are :
▫Dirty talk
▫Feet / Heels Play
▫Pet Play / Role Play
▫Humilition ( Verbal and psihycal )
▫Sissy Training
▫Tie up & Tease
▫Canning / Whipping
▫Financial Domination
▫Dinner Dates
▫Fisting (giving)
▫Ball Busting
▫Torture ( all kinds)
▫Smoking Fetish
▫Role play/ Fantasy play
▫Champagne & Caviar ( as in Golden & Brown shower)
▫Leather / Latex / PVC
.....and many others ...

♦I am also available for dinner dates and overnight experince for torture. And if you are very far from my place of activity at the moment you can contact me for online session ( accepted Paypal or Bank Transfer) or i can travel if the tribute is 50% paid upfront , in order for me to have the assurance that i don't lose my time.

‼I respect all my client's privacy during session and during our conversation, my confidentiality is 100% , so you can feel free to tell me all about your fantasies.

😈Depends on you if you have the courage to meet your supreme domina👑

❗ I DON T ACCEPT : Sexual intercourse.
❗If that is the service you are seeking , your on the wrong page. Any requests to have sex will be ignored !

Outcalls per hour from
€350 (US$ 380)
German (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
175 cm / 5′9″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I really don’t know how I appreciate this beautiful lady and say thanks to all the great services she provide to her customers, she’s doing a very great job and make you 💯 percent happy and satisfied of what you want, I will definitely visit her soon, highly recommend for those who really knows what they want 👌

    That is a very nice appreciation of my work. See u soon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Visited again My beautiful Goddess Eva ❤️
    I want to say is just that is too gorgeous and too sadistic
    I am so glad i visited her now in Bahrain
    My amazing god i will always come back for you!
    Amazing session!

    You are welcome for session all time

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I am very glad i had the honor to serve this goddess
    I very happy she come back
    She has the most beautiful feet ever they are very clean and pampered
    The location is always great
    She is the best best best
    Her control over the slaves is amazing , she is in my mind even when i am sleeping
    Her sessions are the best ( i am not going to sneak a peek)
    But i recommed from all my heart you Mistress
    I love you

    Thank u , i aprecciate .see u next time

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I am so happy you returned back to Dubai ❤️🤩
    And i wanted to express my honor of being with you in sesson just directly from the airport
    Thank you my queen for the amazing session
    I will never forget the smell of your beatiful gorgeous toes
    I hope i get to see u again before u leave

    thank you see u next time

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I am into femdom scene for the last 10 years and this is the first time I am writing a review about any mistress. I am not good at using words so everything you will find in my review is genuine and right from my heart.

    To begin with, Mistress Eva is an amazing person. She is a nice human being and a respectful person. I was actually surprised to see any mistress responding to my Whatsapp messages and trying to understand me so professionally. Besides the amazing human being, she is an excellent and perfect mistress. She knows what she is doing and domination comes really from inside her. She really tailors the session as per the requirement from mild to extreme. She has all the ingredients which a mistress should have i.e. personality, attitude, looks (she looks stunning!!!), beautiful feet and sadistic. She has an amazing collection of toys and knows how to use them well.

    The best thing about her is that she listens to you and your body language. You really feel owned by her. From my whole heart, I would like to thanks Mistress Eva for giving me such a wonderful experience and highly recommend her.

    Thank you for these sincere words, i know how pure and from the bottom of your heart are, i felt it at the end of the session when you tried to explain to me how great this experience was for you. i appreciate the effort of making this public !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I want to tell my story about Mistress Eva
    I am a beginner in this bdsm world.. although her pictures had seem very attractive, i have to mention even in person u cannot imagine how sexy and amazingly beautiful she is. I have never seen a woman that can equal her beauty in the land of Bahrain.
    I was very nervous and scared although my heart said Go for it! She understood me and felt me and she proved an unexplicable patience in explaining me her rules, the house rules and how to proceed . I appreciated and face my fear, i did not know though my fear has such a pretty face
    When i arrived at her place i followed the exact instructions for entry as communicated throgh phone.
    Session has gone smoothly with all toys and equipment presentation. Explaining all BDSM practices and what she enjoy the most. As she is very severe i did not get to choose , she decided we go through all basics so i can discover myself. I got scared but she was right , i liked to test them all and see my limits. She also is very well informed and can explain and answer very clear about all my questions from the History of BDSM and the meaning of all practice.
    As a person she has a very good character and is a nice person to deal with and communicate as her english is natural flawless, although as a dominatrix i am sure she can ruin a man physically and psihically in a matter of secounds.
    I feel very proud of choosing her to teach me this path and i would like from now on to be more and more advanced only at her guidance and training!
    All my sincere respects my Boss

    So nice describing my work, thank you

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    4 h session ( whipping , slapping, feet gaging, needle torture, CBT , humiliation physically, furniture play, dog trainig, sissy training, champagne, caviar )
    Organisation of session 5/5
    Presence 5/5
    No mercy and ruling 5/5
    Toilet play 5/5 (Super Taste)
    Clean place and safe 5/5
    Hygene 5/5 never met something like this during toilet play also ❤️
    Profesional talking before session , clear and on point
    All bdsm practiced : by the book with a little plus of originality, everything done corectly
    Return: quickly and definetely ❤️

    Never felt so miserable in my whole life thank you very much Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Hurry with the new appointment ,I am leaving Bahrain soon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I always liked exteme sessions i never found a mistress to fulfill my fantasy at that level without any further instructions. Mistress u are a natural ruler, being a dominat sadistic God for you is not an act
    The session last night was really the best without exagerating i love how u whipped me how hard u slaped me and humiliate me and the most exiciting part was when i was using abusive the safe word and u cancelled it out saying "No safe word for u , ungreatful bitch! Take it all!" . You did not care about me at all ... definetely i will book couplenof more sessions until u leave ! Respect mistress

    Very nice words, but yes you did not deserve any safety !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Best Skype online session in my life!!
    You are so powerful and smart even u did not punish me physically but i still feared you like i never feard anything!
    You really are the best ! I can't wait to meet u in real life somenday!
    Thank you my boss

    Make my paypal ring eveytime u need session 😉

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Today session with her majesty Eva in Bahrain
    Toys 10/10
    Appearance 10/10
    Hygene 10/10
    Superior powerful 10/10
    Location 10/10
    Session skills AMAZING 100/10 wallah
    I am not usually so humble i like to challange any mistress when i go to her to see if she really can control me she if she is REAL mistress . I am not going to tell details about our session all i can say is HEAD DOWN TO YOUR FEET my MAJESTY !

    Thanks Musty

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress please please don't laugh but i need to express myself. I feel so sad u have left Dubai , i will be missing you... i want to tell everybody my story with you vecause mistress i love u very much and i live for you. I first met you when u have just came in dubai ... i felt in that moment that u are my perfect god ... i remember even now out first session, just earlier this week my marks have dissappeared. I miss your super feet smell, i miss massaging you.. you teached me how to be a slave u initiated me, i recommed you to all the slaves in the world who want to be correctly initiated in this. You are the most powerful domina i have ever seen, you are super cool as a person, super personality, but 1000% professional . You know everything and how to do everything corecttly and in a game form, you mind games are all the time intelligent and from session to session you can never get bored. You teached me so much and made me your lifietime slave without even me wanting this, i cannot resist. Mistress Eva is very clean, smell very nice, her spit taste amazing , her feet are the most joyful cabdy i have ever tasted, her strap-on skills , whipping and torturing skills are high. Her bondage game on point. Her CBT and tranpeling amazing . This lady is simply amazing . All the guys who want to be teached to be slaves , Eva is the best guidance for beginners!
    My Goddess Eva Dubai will be missing your feet walking on it's ground!

    Don't cry too much . I will return

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have met this Queen in her first day when she arrive to the land of bahrain. I booked a session of 4 hours, when she opened the door i saw there a very very beatiful queen she told me to kneel down immediatelly she put the dog-collar and took me for a walk in around her nice new apartment, then she stood down for a cigarette allowing me to stand down by her booths, after she challanged me to see if i am worthy of worshipping her super delicious feet i finally deserved to kiss and sniff those jewelries...hmmm vanilla ❤️. I am not good at feet massage so she punished me very hardhly and without any mercy uuh i still feel the pain even now. I am not going to describe in detail our session but that is where the chaos started. I started to feel unexplicable fear , very good skills in raping me and strap-on action, very nice toys , very big collection ,very clean lady, very exigent when i was doing house chores . Very intelligent and original lady when it comes to mind games In the end she gave me to drink her Champagne and to eat directly from the toilet ... i never felt so humiliated and affarid in my while life . It was amazing !! I hope i can afford to come to you daily my Goddess. Definetly recommed she is THE Best mistress ! Thank you for coming to Bahrain and changing my life!

    Under my power you will always be like this
    Any time for new session you are welcome

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dominatrix Eva is the best True Dominatrix in Dubai. If you are looking for domination or fetish related sessions, you should definitely try to arrange an appointment with her. I have done sessions with her 3 times already and she gets better every time. Domina Eva is the real deal. Her place is also great and clean, and she has domination toys and BDSM equipment that is really top quality. When she opens the door for me, i grovel on my knees to worship her as she doesn't allow you to be standing in here presence, i started kissing her feet and giving here a massage, my mistake was that i wasn't doing it very properly. She can be very nice but when i made a mistake, i received my punishment from extreme whipping, spitting and slapping. i focused on doing her orders very carefully fearing her outstanding presence, she's a true goddess but be warned, she takes immense pleasure in dominating men. she is everything you want in a Mistress: superior, sadistic and highly intelligent. i worshiped her gorgeous feet, received a lot of kicks in my balls and eventually she fucked me very hard and i felt that this is the best moment of my life! Thank you mistress for allowing me to be in your presence. I will be your servant for life!

    thank you ! this is very nice from you!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Wow .... it was so good session
    I never get such hard face slaps from any lady ... still her finger marks in my cheeks

    thank you for the nice words and keeping that feeling with you!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Finally my dream be true, serving amazing mistress like you , thank you mistress I hope be your slave until die

    Thank you , i see how much u appreciate ur mistress :d

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Thanks mistress for last session, I can’t believe how lucky l am , I hope be your personal slave for ever ❤️

    you have to deserve !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had many sessions in different cities in my life but session with you is best session in my life , thank you mistress

    you are welcome, see u soon !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have no words but to say this Lady is the most amazing i could ever met and i think anybody can ever meet .
    It was an honor to meet you Mistress
    I arrived at her location , she opened the door for me then a stunning face all dressed in latex said to me on a tough tone that i have allowance to get inside . To get to her location was no stress and also no problem at reception, her room is nice and clean perfect for my suffering.
    She told me on a superior tone to kneel down and kiss her latex booths. The next oder for me was to get her boots down an give her a massage for her beautiful feet with gorgeous soles and silk skin. I dared for one secound to look her in the eyes , that was my mistake i have been punished for ... she slapped my ass so hard and spit on my face then she humiliated me so much i will never dare to do that again. After i apologised to her and begger her for forgiveness she slapped my face so hard saying i never make something to apologise again cuz my punishment will be more hursh than this.... so beatiful Lady but so tough
    After taking my punishment she fucked me with the strap-on so good ... so when i finished i told also to her that was the happiest day of my life and i have never ever been so satisfied about this fetish of mine.

    Thank you so much for your time again my Goddess

    Thank you for the nice words !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I liked how efficient and professional she was arranging the session. and customized the session accordingly. We had a nice chat about the session before we started and had such a great connection from the beginning. It is easy to talk to her and open up.
    She is a highly skilled Dominatrix and the money is definitely well spent!
    Her pics are accurate and she smells divine and has impeccable hygiene. She is always polite, but firmly in control of me as the level and intensity of play has increased at an exciting, but comfortable pace. Definitely recommended and will see her again!

    Again may be sooner than you think, i m in your head. 😉 ha ha ha :))

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Best hour in my life was the session with you , thanks mistress 🙏

    Always welcome, my slave !

  • Hello mistress
    i want to ask if you can do double session domination with other mistress?
    thank u

    by ahmaddubai440 – 12 Dec 2019

    yes slave,for more information text me e-mail or whatsapp

  • need to be your toilet. You can just piss and shit in me then go.
    How much for this?

    by Gay_Server_for_girls – 8 Dec 2019

    200 bd 1h

  • hello Goddes how long you will stay in Bahrain?

    by alimusty767 – 5 Dec 2019

    Hello Slave, until 10 december

  • hi mistress , you still in bahrain i want too have a season with you

    by lycan00 – 24 Sep 2019


  • My mistress, are u still in dubai?

    by ahbmilov – 21 Jun 2019

    For the moment, yes

  • You can do wrestling?
    After ramdan you in bahrain??

    by Marco258 – 4 May 2019

    I do wrestling.
    I am not sure yet , check my twitter for following travel updates.

  • Mistress,
    I am Sissy Slave. Do you have all equipment for a complete tranformation(make up, mani pedi set, wig, dress , sexy lingerie ) ?
    Also do you have a mistress partener for a double session?

    by lillysissyasia – 14 Feb 2019

    Hello ! Yes, i have all things necessary for that. You are in good hands. I have my best partener coming soon ,so a double session is possible.To set all the details text me on Whatsapp

  • Hello Goddess Can u also do 4h extrem pain session or more including brown shower?

    by jukyloyaldog – 13 Feb 2019


  • Mistress
    You have some account in which i can see more videos?

    by Ahm627dog – 11 Feb 2019

    Yes , twitter: @dominatrixEva

  • Mistress still in Dubai?

    by ahmadjbr – 4 Jan 2019


  • do you provide brown shower for someone who never tried it before ???

    by ninja_223322 – 25 Dec 2018


  • All the toys and costumes from pictures are available?

    by lextervip – 12 Dec 2018


  • Are you back in, Dubai?

    by Vabric – 30 Nov 2018

    I m in Dubai , right now ! For much question write me on the whatsapp !!

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