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  • Mistress Silvia - dominatrix in Nairobi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    She is a big time cheater. She thought that I have forgotten since its been a long time. But I did not. On 12th October 2022 I had paid her for an online femdom session. She kept on postponing it giving various sorts of reasons. After some days when I asked her to refund my money, she starting threatening me since she had my pictures that I had sent her. I will take some legal action on her soon. I have all the payment screenshots and also whatsapp screenshots of her threatening me.

    Wow! This is the baddest review i've ever got, first of all, he paid me ₹500 for video session which i don't work with , secondly, he asked me to black mail him with he's own nudes where he already sent them to me plus he's own email,he says this was his fantasies whereby i refused to work with less money that he already sent (₹500), I get paid advanced more than 20k for traveling sessions, why would I run with ₹500?..why am i even explaining myself,my own slave's who knows how genuine i am will understand me better, pardon me! This kind of sluts pisses 😡 😡 me off., 🚭 I don't work with any local sluts who cannot afford to have a goddess. Good bye.

  • Verified photosGarima is back (REAL, BDSM,CAM) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Had a cam session with Mistress Garima on 29th April from 12.36 AM. Mistress was very understanding of my needs and she fulfilled by desires on cam. Highly genuine and caring mistress.

    Thanks slave appreciated 🦶