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Helloo, BDSM lovers!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„all sissy's I a'm here for you with a great experience , go down on your knees once you enter the room ... lingeries,golden shower,ass licking,pussy licking,armpit sniffing, πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• Dog training/ridding,strapon/Dildo,bondage,mild face slap, spitting, blindfolded sex,whipping,both competitive arm wrestling and fun wrestling,ballbusting,severe caning, role play,(Hot Cam session)I also use abusive words to make you fulfil your fantasies..do not think twice, come have a great session with an expert/..I use real & clear photo's..i also travel for hotel services whenever needed.(call me today)πŸ“ž.(OUT CALLS AVAILABLE)

Crazy sexy Ebony, twerking naked once you enter the room, who doesn't love that?!, i'm a genuine person when it comes to clients who needs my services ..(i give oil massages, sucking,oily handjob, 3some, 69 position,doggie style,face sitting with all pleasure) you don't have to worry about timing at all,, there's no rush when you get to meet me...

1: Kolkata βœ”οΈ
2: LUCKNOW βœ“βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
3: DEHRADUN βœ”οΈ
4 Delhi βœ”οΈ
5: NAIROBI nowβœ…
6: Tanzania βœ”οΈ
7: MOMBASA βœ”οΈ
: Available In a clean 3 star ⭐ hotel
:Outcalls only in Hotel's

Incalls per hour from
KSh8,000 (US$ 61)
Outcalls per hour from
KSh10,000 (US$ 76)
154 cm / 5β€²1β€³
Hair color
  • Rating: 1 / 5by (1 other review)

    She is a big time cheater. She thought that I have forgotten since its been a long time. But I did not. On 12th October 2022 I had paid her for an online femdom session. She kept on postponing it giving various sorts of reasons. After some days when I asked her to refund my money, she starting threatening me since she had my pictures that I had sent her. I will take some legal action on her soon. I have all the payment screenshots and also whatsapp screenshots of her threatening me.

    Wow! This is the baddest review i've ever got, first of all, he paid me β‚Ή500 for video session which i don't work with , secondly, he asked me to black mail him with he's own nudes where he already sent them to me plus he's own email,he says this was his fantasies whereby i refused to work with less money that he already sent (β‚Ή500), I get paid advanced more than 20k for traveling sessions, why would I run with β‚Ή500?..why am i even explaining myself,my own slave's who knows how genuine i am will understand me better, pardon me! This kind of sluts pisses 😑 😑 me off., 🚭 I don't work with any local sluts who cannot afford to have a goddess. Good bye.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met her in lucknow on fifa World Cup finals night....and just wow....great company...had amazing time wid her....she's just so bubbly n gr8 wid any conversations....Gr8 at cuddles....hope to meet u sooon.

    I was so pleased meeting you too and thankyou for the wonderful time we had together. 😘😘😘😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    4th session with mistress Silvia. 3rd session review dis not published don't knw why.

    I just can't have enough of her ass.
    She took my face dunder her dress and bended her body while smashing my face again and again was the best moment a slave could have. She is completely a dominant.
    I thought and mistakenly asked her that is being a mistress is her real lifestyle or is she just pretend to be that for business as she care for me (I felt) boyoboy! She took it seriously and punished me for real for that.
    She sat on my face for like a minute while I was completely blinded in her fullweight for a while and to make it even worse she spanked both my cheeks real hard while repeating what do you think am i a real mistress or not hn! , I can still feel the pain of it. I was almost about to cry at that time but could not as my whole face was trapped under her big booty.
    PS- you guys can see my face trapped under her πŸ‘ in her pics!!

    I always feel helplessly trapped but willingness to do that for my mistress always bring me back to her.

    Still looking forward for more sessions with you ma'am Silvia. Can't wait till I be ready to surrender myself enough and be ready to take that πŸ’© all in.

    Your crazy slave.

    Last time you bought teeth protector, i hope this time you've bought nose πŸ‘ƒ protector also!,as i broke your nose twice slaveπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†,and next time you ask me stupid questions am gonna make you cry even if you don't want to..Just know that i own you., Under my precious ass, you're doing great slave boy. See you next time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She is a very friendly, cheerful and an expert dominatrix. She lives with her sister in Uttam Nagar and her place is safe. She really listens to you and gives custom service. Has perfect african assets and strong body. I armwrestled her and my hands still hurt. She has rock solid biceps perfect for such things. And she's a natural dominatrix, didn't stop hurting me until the limiting point was reached. Even my balls hurt from the squeezing and kicking they received. Overall she's a good soul and quite adept at what she turns. Silvia ma'am it was pleasure to meet you, can't wait to see you soon. Goodbye from the guy who managed to beat you at armwrestling at the very end

    It was a pleasure to meet you too and I just allowed you to win at the last moment, but you tried lol! Anyways Thankyou.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    All the 5 stars given below are absolutely true. She is awesome. She knew all my needs and the right pressure. She's was in no hurry and totally focussed on me. Her role playing is just superb. She made me shivering even in this hot weather. And she's super strong. Loved the session. Will definitely come for more some day again.
    Most of all a very very pleasant personality and joy to meet.
    Thank You "Mam" I really enjoyed being your sissy. Cant wait to see you soon!

    Aww! I appreciate it darling, you're always welcome anytime you need my session..

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Met this absolute beauty 2 days back.

    I can't sum up the excitement and experience she gave to me. But I'll try to write a glimpse of it. (I demanded everything she did to me)

    She is pure dominatrix! She literally sat on my face with her fullweight and suffocated me under her and bounced buttdrop real hard on my face again and again, leaving me with a mark on my face, I asked her to try licking her ass but I was so scared but she forced me into it and squeezed my tongue under her glory hole, I tried my best to be the best slave and at the end she gave me the perfect fuck with dirty talking of me being punished for fucking her.

    Surely gonna meet her next time for getting my punishment in my mouth and will try my best to swallow it whole!! .. Well even if I won't be able to.. I know she will make me finish it all.

    Thank you my mistress!

    I'm grateful for the best review and glad you enjoyed my session, you were a good slave as well,being under my ass for 5 minutes was really awesome felt like I own you as a goddess.,you're welcome for more & more sessions.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Had couple of sessions with the Mistress. It gets better everytime.
    Can't wait for the next session...

    You're always welcome slave ..

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (8 other reviews)

    If a wrestling session is all u require, do visit this lady. And i can tell u with experience she is super strong. She has muscles and can easily overpower guys.

    Well! Thankyou darling for being my regular..

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a virtual Domination session with Mistress Silvia last night. She does both soft and hard BDSM. If you choose hard she gets excited and enjoys being cruel and sadistic. I was given a task to complete. I did it but kept her waiting too long. She ordered me to light about 5 thick candles and let them burn until the wax turned to liquid. I was then ordered to pour the boiling wax all over my cock and balls while she excitedly watched. I am now one of her slaves. I highly recommend her for a Domination Cam session if you cant make it to Delhi.

    I'm glad you always take the session and obey my orders slave, I'll be forever your goddess mistress.

  • Hi goddess, I hope u remember ur sissy, any plans to be back in delhi india?

    by darthvvader1_1 – 8 May 2024

    Not at all.

  • Hi Mistress, are you in Dar Es Salaam?

    by Jj_44 – 15 Mar 2024

    Yes i am in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

  • Hi Mistress, I am a white slave seeking a Goddess to own me. Is Goddess in Dar Es Salaam?

    by Jj_44 – 12 Apr 2024

    Not anymore, in Nairobi now

  • Any plans for coming back my mistress?, your little facesit furniture slave

    by mehtay811 – 3 Mar 2024

    Coming back to India?!, Not so soon.

  • Hello will you be coming to India again?

    by Joey567 – 22 Nov 2023

    Not really.

  • Are you still in Delhi??
    And can u train someone into shit eating ? If yes please let me know your charges for that .

    by hero_001 – 18 Nov 2023

    I'm not in India

  • hello

    do you travel to another city

    i wish to meet you for 1 night , all expenses like flight tickets and hotel i will pay

    pls do let me know


    by dunemike1504 – 2 Oct 2023

    Yes I can travel to another city.

  • Do you privde rimjob?

    by Akash_49 – 18 Sep 2023

    I receive, I don't give .

  • Hi, do you provide one sided boxing beatdown session as well, apart from wrestling?

    by kythmight – 11 May 2023

    Yeah ! I provide.

  • hello dear for my safety do you do your regular std reports. if you could kindly show before the session it would be appreciated. thank you i advance.

    by Joey567 – 12 Mar 2023

    Ofcourse I do and showing it would not be an issue but session doesn't contain any kind of unsafe intercourse,why would you even want to check my status?!. anyway contact me on whatsapp.

  • Are you available on telegram also ?? If yes please share your iD ..would love to meet you .

    by hero_001 – 14 Feb 2023

    Text me through whatsapp on the number provided.

  • Mam I want to serve you at my place for 2 days including every training how which it will cost

    by Raman_sharma – 12 Jan 2023

    Outcalls only in Hotel's, and incalls in my flat or in my hotel when I'm travelling, I'm not comfortable in any client's or slave's apartment.

  • Can you wrestle real competitive or just fantasy wrestling?

    by technicallywills – 14 Jan 2023

    I think i have answered this on the previous question you already asked.

  • Can you do real competitive wrestling?

    by technicallywills – 1 Jan 2023

    Yes i can do competitive wrestling, message me on whatsapp.

  • One more question. You might find this one stupid but I want to know whether we can do all the sexual stuff during wrestling like handjob, blowjob, tit suck, boob grope, fingering etc or will it be just wrestling without sexual engagement?

    by FantasyWorld – 10 Jan 2023

    Wrestling sessions doesn't include any sexual stuff, you should book for the sexual services differently, wrestling is just wrestling, i guess this gave the answer to your question.

  • Hello ma'am. I am 5'8" and 75kg. I want wrestling session with lift and carry. Would that be possible? And what's your height and weight btw?

    by FantasyWorld – 28 Dec 2022

    Ofcourse it's possible, lift and carry, head scissors, pickyback., And i am 70kg, 5.4 very strong.

  • Hello ma'am. Any plans for Mumbai?

    by FantasyWorld – 26 Dec 2022

    Yes planning to visit for some weeks, will update on my profile.

  • Ok I'm direct shit in mouth

    by Rocky_106 – 6 Oct 2022

    WhatsApp me for more information.. Thankyou.

  • Can you provide shit burger

    by Rocky_106 – 2 Oct 2022

    No that's not possible as I don't touch my own shit.,slave's deserve to do that.

  • How far your area from delhi airport?

    by sissy_boy – 19 Sep 2022

    30 minutes away.

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