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  • Verified photosJagriti Singh - escort in New Delhi
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    I hope this gets published. I don't why these guys keep on rejecting my review. I met jagriti in 2nd week of August. She's a fantastic person and has a perfect milfy chubby body with curves at all the correct places. She's wrap her tits around your dick and give a naughty smile while rubbing those. And what to say of her blowjob. Her pussy tastes so sweet and her moans take you to another level!!!!! She looks so innocent but she's a real animal in bed. Do meet her guys. I hope MR approves this review.

    Thank you so much for your love❤️❤️

  • Verified photosAnita38 - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Sorry for posting this late! Met Neelam and Anita in the month of March! It was my first time meeting someone from MR. And must say i wasn't disappointed. They host incalls. The apartment is very good and the Anita welcomes you very warmly. As this was my first time so anita left me in the care of Mistress Neelam and oh God she's a queen!! She makes you feel comfortable and doesn't rushes to anything and then bam she takes control of you like she owns you and it's too much fun! She's takes full control of your body but also makes sure you're comfortable with it! Never and i mean it never does she overplays her part! She enjoys herself to the fullest and in between also checks whether you're enjoying yourself or not! And my my her 🍑 ass is so perfect. She has a perfect MILF body! Thank you Mistress Neelam for giving me the time of my life! She's worth every penny you're spending! Go for it guys!!!!!

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  • Deleted profile (Devildiya)

    23 Sep 2023

    Are you fine with dominating me a little as i am a sub!

    No dear I am not into this

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