38 yrs old slutynsexy wife looking for fun with rich classy n handsome guy. Beside vanilla sex Iam into Femdom BDSM slaves.Iam well equipped with toys n stuffs if u one among them then revert bck.Uninhibited,shameless n with my own sense of morals,open for all ideas that lead to pleasure.I keep myself fit n flexible n in shape for my lovers.I love to travel n see new countries, cultures n cuisines, meet new men of different nationality n race, fuck a lot n come back.Iam a moaner n love dirty talks on d bed if it gives u a thrill.I love role play for those who like it.Being a natural dom I give pleasure to my kinky BDSM slaves to fall on my feet n obey n squirm with painful pleasure.Interested in successful rich guys who can enhance my lifestyle.
All my details n pics r 100% real
My Ideal Person
Who knows to treat n pamper a lady very well
No asking pics n doing video calls late night ,else would be blocked.
Mail me ur number n I will revert back.

Per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 179)
English (Fluent)
178 cm / 5′10″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Dear MR,
    Kindly don’t decline my review this time…
    This isn’t a fake review nor a story nor a hype of review narrated from my end..
    I agree the review is a bit lengthy .. but kindly help me post this review.. coz I am genuinely taking efforts to write such a long review..
    Besides it’s for those ones who have a crave of femdom and I hope my review here helps them to make right choice or at least know the base of Mistress Anita.
    It’s a very humble request to help me post the review .. kindly don’t decline it..Thanking you well in advance..
    Yet once again…but this time a life long remembering encounter with Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha.
    Though I, Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha are known to each other since many years…this time I decided to go for one level up for being dominated by these two goddess…
    At 11:30 Am on Sunday on 12th May 2024. … I dropped a message to Anita asking her for a customised session as per my fetishes per-defined..
    I instantly got reply from Anita giving me nod to see her at 3.30 pm.
    I jumped out of bed and took shower… and drew my car to the destination she decided for our meet..and here is what happened to me for next 2 hours…
    I stepped into her dungeon and got compliments from Mistress Anita about me looking handsome 😊.
    I am 5.2 tall and Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha are way taller than me…The next moment Mistress Anita caught hold of my neck pulling me roughly towards her and grabbed my cock and balls firmly making me scream in pain.. as I was screaming of pain ..behind came Mistress Manisha standing tall. Mistress Manisha was wearing a saree and before I could see her completely, she removed the pallu of her saree and wrapped it around my neck collering me with her pallu and pulling me roughly towards her body..she is a strong lady so she gripped me by my waist and lifted me upwards by half a feet from ground and kissed my ears and softly whispered…today we will rape you completely…

    1). I was wrapped in saree and tied to bed with my hands and legs spread eagle.

    2). Mistress Anita guided Mistress Manisha as they took turns to sit on my face making me workshop their asses and pussies.

    3). I have a strong bondage fetish of being bound …hence they tied me in standing position with my hands stretched upwards making me immobile.

    4). While I was tied in standing position, my mouth was stuffed with worn panties of Mistress Anita.. she eventually ordered Mistress Manisha too to shove her worn panties in my mouth too.

    5). While I was still in standing position and tied with my hands stretched upwards, both Mistress pulled my cock and balls mercilessly, they enjoyed my helplessness as my screams were muffled in their panty gags.

    6). I was released after 30 mins of merciless bondage and then made to sit on chair. Mistress Anita guided Mistress Manisha to take lead on her own..now Mistress Manisha again collered me with her worn saree and threw me towards a chair pushing me to be seated on chair.
    As I sat.. she bought 2 long cotton ropes and grabbed my balls and cock tying them tightly with. It was painful but yet aroused me.

    7). She then tied my arms and feet tightly to the chair posts…making me completely immobile ..
    Now she took some portion of saree and masked my face with it..making me look like her toy.

    8). Now with my hands and feet tied, my cock and balls tied and my face masked with saree, Mistress Manisha got a mouth gag ball and stuffed it in my mouth preventing me to beg for mercy or any screams.

    9). I was kicked in my balls, my cock was pulled mercilessly but my screams were muffled in the ball gag. Both Mistresses laughed at me pitying my helplessness.

    10). Later I was now released from bondage and taken back into the main room where I was strap-on fucked in my ass by both Mistresses taking turns.

    11). Later I was made to lay in Mistress Manisha lap with her breast being stuffed in my mouth ..while Mistress Anita bought me to climax..

    12). Session ended after 2 hours and casual past conversation sipping a cup of black coffee bought by Mistress Anita during her visit to Germany.

    Dearest Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha.. I take a pride in declaring myself as your permanent slave. I owe you two everything and I look forward for many such wonderful encounters with you two wonderful owners of me.

    Guys the place of Mistress Anita is very safe to visit. She’s a complete DOM and has great collection of sex toys used by mistresses on their slaves. She has a deep knowledge of femdom and has trained several mistresses under her supervision. The best one I find for myself is Mistress Anita, Mistress Manisha and Mistress Neelam. Mistress Neelam unfortunately couldn’t make for my session.. but she’s one of the best too…

    Thank you forever Misteess Anita, Mistress Manisha and Mistress Neelam for enslaving me as your slave.

    Great expression of your thoughts
    Very well explained glad u liked it
    Happy to accept u as one of my life style slave😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Yesterday, I encountered two remarkable mistresses, both exuding a commanding presence. Initially, they sought to understand me through casual conversation. Goddess Anina's sheer dominance defines her presence—an individual of great voice and multifaceted talent. Her strict nature ensures clarity from the outset. Entrusting me to Neelam mistress, a woman of breathtaking beauty and captivating dominance, her allure is undeniable. Under her charge, even my breaths were at her command; she effortlessly commanded obedience. She expertly guided me through experiences, ensuring every detail was impeccably attended to. To overlook their wealth of experience and self-made personas would be remiss. While Goddess Anita imparts training, Mistress Neelam exudes unwavering integrity. Anticipation brews within me, eager for our next encounter, as they promise to offer insights into mastering life's intimate depths.

    I am glad you liked d session

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had an amazing time with my friends hot mom mistress Neelam ❤️😍
    She is so perfect,hot and beautiful chubby lady
    Very down to earth, friendly and talktive
    One of the best woman I have ever met
    I would like to meet u again ❤️
    To be honest you are heaven ❤️

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    She's good at sex. Didn't do any BDSM or other kinky stuff. I met her long before in 2016. It was a good experience and she was friendly. I have to say her age at that time was 40. Now it is 46. So this must be transparently mentioned as age is mentioned in this profile.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Sorry for posting this late! Met Neelam and Anita in the month of March! It was my first time meeting someone from MR. And must say i wasn't disappointed. They host incalls. The apartment is very good and the Anita welcomes you very warmly. As this was my first time so anita left me in the care of Mistress Neelam and oh God she's a queen!! She makes you feel comfortable and doesn't rushes to anything and then bam she takes control of you like she owns you and it's too much fun! She's takes full control of your body but also makes sure you're comfortable with it! Never and i mean it never does she overplays her part! She enjoys herself to the fullest and in between also checks whether you're enjoying yourself or not! And my my her 🍑 ass is so perfect. She has a perfect MILF body! Thank you Mistress Neelam for giving me the time of my life! She's worth every penny you're spending! Go for it guys!!!!!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Recently call Anita Goddess for a meet hve been Anita Goddess slave for a long time & was having a long term fantasy to be domestic hardcore slave of Anita Goddess for 24 hrs. As requested to Anita Goddess she agreed & i was so much happy to serve Anita Goddess for 24hrs. Anita Goddess told me to be prepared for hardcore sessions as this session will be full of hardcore & pain too as Anita Goddess wants perfection. Anita Goddess made me clean her whole house used me as human furniture made me wash her clothes & utensils made me clean her cupboard as in between made me maid too & i was getting punished as i was not working properly. Anita Goddess spanked me very hard face slap & tied me too. Anita Goddess gave me candle wax too. Finally when i was obeying her properly gave me a chance to worship & lick her ass & pussy. After session Anita Goddess Pampered me too. But it was really a dreamt come true to serve hot perfect Goddess. Anita Goddess is so perfect fit at this age goes to gym to keep herself fit. I still remember Goddess tight slaps & hardcore spankings on my ass & Goddess also stand on my chest. But in this session Goddess made be more obedient & told me to follow her command & be more punctual & good slave. Thank you Goddess for giving me a chance to serve you & be ur slave.

    U donkey🙄🙄
    Glad u had good time

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met neelam few months ago on a short notice since anita was not available.
    She is gem of a person. Very pleasing , educated , sweet natured, polished , understanding and a sexy curvy body. I would say a complete Girl friend experience.
    She made sure I was very comfortable from the beginning.
    She is not a time watcher. It was the best time I have ever had till date. An ideal companion for a discreet fun.
    Hoping to see anita n neelam soon with new fantasies.

    Glad to meet u

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Meet the 2 gorgeous ladies. Don’t know how to appreciate them, still will try.
    It was my really pleasurable to meet Goddess Anita and Kinky Neelam.
    Being my first ever interaction with any dom female I didn’t really know how to explain my desires to them. But Neelam was experienced enough to understand my inner desires.
    Had a really great time with her . And goddess prior informed her for the tactics to use on Me.
    Post session GODDESS gave a brief summary of all the things that can be experienced and even showed the vast variety of her tools and stuff. Coz of which I felt more connected and eased.
    I wish I again get chances to meet you both and learn more as you are not a woman just but a great source of knowledge for the people who want to learn about pleasure.
    Thanks dear

    Great to meet u

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    wow one of the best she is proper milf the way she looks and dress up a horny women love to suck hard and love get bang
    I took her again one hour the first shot end up in her i m still getting horny while writing this words cant discribe her service she hold my wast while and pushing me to fuck her hard .she was moaning and telling me yes yes yes wow just like what i was needed she is horny lady . definitely will go back to her

    You were,fantastic
    Looking forward

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I met anita and neelam few days back. Took session with neelam . She welcomed me with hug and offered me cup of coffee and made me comfortable for a session.
    She has great conversation skills.
    Anita and Neelam are true sex gurus. Enjoy spending time with them.
    Neelam is very clean and hygienic with soft body. Place is also descent.
    She was awesome on bed. Unforgetful experience as usual. Highly recommended Anita and Neelam.

    Glad u like it

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Neelam a few months ago twice already and once Manisha . Neelam is a gorgeous Milf with amazing bbw features but she is a little shy with me for some reason. Manisha provides great bj services but if you get a choice go with Neelam any day as she is a very pleasant human being who is not a time watcher and makes it worth your while . Just waiting for her to be a little bold like Manisha is with me 😅

    Oh really u met them

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Took my fourth session sometime back. Mistress Anita never fails to surprise me. With her strict voice and confidence, it's a real pleasure to submit to her. Mistress Anita and Mistress Mary are always up for experimenting. They dont look at time at all and one can share his innermost fantasy without hesitation. I was bit scared about pegging but eventually did it! After the session was over, I was offered coffee to relax and chill. Overall it's 10 on 10.

    Glad u liked it

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met with Anita and Neelam a few months back and i can assure that they are genuine. I was a bit nervous before going there but the moment you enter their house, you will feel like home. Both Anita and Neelam are very warm, welcoming and have a great vibe. The place is very nice, clean and hygienic. Anita is a pure Dom so i had a session with Neelam who is Anita's protege. We started with having a great conversation which is more of an ice breaker and she gets to know your liking and what are you into. I am new to this so Neelam took great care of me. The conversation felt natural and genuine. Coming to the session, it was far beyond my wildest expectations. Neelam took the lead and gave me the time of my life. She made me fight for fun but it was amazing! She’s hell of a kisser. I am a Dom and she was asked to be a Dom too - the tussle between 2 Doms was amazing, will definitely repeat

    Would love to dominate u again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    Anita is just complete package of an ideal milf escort.
    Every man's dream.
    This devine beauty takes u to heaven everytime u meet.puccy taste is yummy
    Lots of love n blessings.

    U were good

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (13 other reviews)

    I am speechless. She is amazing. Our session lasted for 90 minutes and there was pure fun.

    Her place is very nice. She is also very intelligent and talented. She is a book reader and keeps update with latest knowledge.

    A 5 star rating from myself for everything.

    Loved it

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met Anita Goddess last week had a very hardcore session wid Goddess. Arrived late so Goddess punished me wid no mercy Goddess tied me & spanked me so hard & nipple torture me as well i was in so much of pain asked mercy from goddess. Goddess removed her panty & put in my mouth so that i cant make noise goddess face slapped me & facesitting was done i cant breath & goddess made me lick her beautiful pussy till i made her cum & am anita goddess permanent slave. After session had good talk wid mistress as a friend she made a coffee for me & then ask mistress told me she will give a surprise in next session & it will be a double dom hard session so be prepare for it thank you Goddess always had a great time wid u & be ur slave.

    Nasty dirty dog u r too much

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met anita in jan 2021. Writing a review after almost 2 years. I contacted anita through massagerepublic. She was prompt to reply. When i reached her place she was very polite and we started conversing. I was meeting her for first time yet it felt as if was talking to a old friend. Then i had a lovely session. She really tries to understand your needs and plans things accordingly. After the session she offered a black coffee which was so sweet of her. She is a gem here in massage republic

    Glad to hear abt ur thoughts after a long time

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Yet another encounter of mine....
    Being, addicted to Anita, this time i requested her for my ultimate dream session with combination of Mistress Anita herself and Mistress Manisha. Mistress Anita, i know her since long and had met Mistress Manisha during my last session with Mistress Mary and Mistress Anita during a threesome Dom session organised by Mistress Anita for me.
    Before i mention about today's session...


    This review will be as long as an essay, but i humbly request the moderator to approve these feelings of mine. I thank MR genuinely for helping me meet Mistress Anita.

    Let me describe Anita (this is what i address her while chatting with her casually).

    Anita is a lady with class. She stands 5.10 and is an absolute health freak. Apart from being a Dom, she is a very good friend to me. She has lot of dominating tools for her slave. She's a travel freak and loves to explore the Dom side of herself with new experiments. She has travelled abroad to many international dungeons and keeps her self to the mark by broadly understanding her slaves need and acts accordingly. She is rough, tough, hard if required. She can be combination of rough and soft too!. She moulds her self completely as per the slaves requirements.

    Mistress Manisha is tall female (5.5 to 5.8 tall)
    Trained under Mistress Anita, she looks a perfect Dom and has a great skill to take her slave under her stride. Majorly she takes instructions from Mistress Anita and follows her to the core. Mistress Anita has trained her so well...at times she leaves her slave under the charge of Mistress Manisha during mid session for fewer minutes...

    About today's session...this is how it all begun today.

    I was ordered to arrive at Mistress Anita's dungeon sharp as per the decided timings. I arrived 30 minutes before the decided schedule and intimated Mistress Anita about me already being stationed at our decided destination. She was graceful enough to let me get into her dungeon 30 minutes before the decided schedule. As i started heading towards the destination, my heart started pumping faster as i was about to experience my lifetime dream session with combination of these two super dominant ladies.

    I reached the place and before i could greet Mistress Anita, while she had barely let me in...my face was smacked with a tight slap with her strong athletic hand while her other hand pushing me backwards to the wall pinning me and making me immobile.
    Before i could recover from the slap, strong thud came between 2 legs has she had gripped my comple groin and squeezed it hard untill I begged for release using the pre-decided code word 'Mercy'.

    She let me free for few seconds as i requested her to mercy me, but she was like an eagle eying her prey to be captured and eaten up.... mercilessly. Hence before i could take a sigh of relief, she this time with her firm hands took hold of my cock very tightly and with my cock held in her strong hands she lead me inside the room where she had scheduled a session for me with herself and Mistress Manisha.

    I stand 5.2 tall and both the Mistress are taller than me. So me being shorter to these 2 ladies was like auto triggering them to humiliate me verbally. I had described my fetishes before we scheduled a session and requested Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha to wear a soft cotton t-shirt with no undergarments underneath. As i entered the room, i could also see the tools displayed which were to be used on me while next 2 hours of session.

    With some freedom to glance, Mistress Anita stepped 3 steps backwards and in her firm voice told me.."look slave, here is what you wanted, our 2 worn panties, a cotton rope to tie you cock and balls, a strapon to fuck your ass and make you suck, soft bandhani cotton duppatas to tie you, my hoisery slips to feminze you, my lipsticks to decorate your lips, our bra to blindfold you and last but not the least, an oversized panty (which was surprise to me as i did not know what oversized panty was meant for)". I was happy to see it all and as i lifted my face i could see Mistress Anita and Mistress Manisha both dressed in super soft see through cotton t-shirts and tight legins hugging thier bodies.

    Mistress Manisha immediately swung into action and held me by neck pushing me backwards to wall, she completely stripped me, as i stood nude infront of these two lioness, Mistress Manisha first tightly tied my hands with a soft cotton dupatta and kicked in my groin making me fall on the ground. They ordered me to get up, i struggled to get on my feet as both my hands were bound, both mistresses helped me manage on my feet. Once i was up on my feet, Mistress Anita immediately took hold of my cock and balls and tied them tightly with a cotton rope making stiff erection and then covered my entire bound cock and balls with one the panties kept for dressing me. She mentioned about my look stating.... the bulge of tied cock under her worn panties is encouraging her to use me like her toyboy.

    Despite of my cock and balls tied tightly, my tool was hard which angered both the mistresses.
    Mistress Manisha pounced on me as i was in standing position, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started lip kissing me and biting my lips causing untakable pain. I could not speak the code word mercy as my mouth was captured by her firm lips biting my lips and her tounge rotating around my tounge and her teeth biting my tounge causing pain but yet absolute magnetic arousing feeling. She continued kissing me for few minutes and then before leaving my lips, she shooted some saliva from her mouth into mine and ordered me to gulp her saliva below my throat. She then did this few times before unwrapping her hand around my neck. I was breething fast as the blood travelled fast in my nerves. Before i could get off the pain Mistress Manisha caused to my lips and tounge, Mistress Anita caught my hands behind my back and ordered Mistress Manisha to suck my nipples and pinch them...while Mistress Manisha did this, i was dancing of pain and yelling for mercy..lots of begging for mercy enraged Mistress Anita and she took one of her worn panties in her hands and gagged my mouth mummering my screams. The next move was to mask my face with thier worn panties.
    I was tied eagle spread on the bed while Mistress Anita brushed my cock with her feet and Mistress Manisha sat over my face crusing my lips with her ass and then with her pussy making me lick her as if she had never been licked before..I was also tied on chair. I was feminzed and raped with a strapon in my ass by Mistress Manisha under the instructions of Mistress Anita.. Mistress Anita ordered Mistress Manisha to slap my face with her bare breasts, stuff my mouth with her nipples smoothering me and not letting me breath adequately. Mistress Anita drank water and then transferred the drunk water from her mouth to my mouth commanding me to gulp the water. Mistress Manisha wore the oversized panty and made me sleep on the bed, she climbed over my chest and then dropped the panties till her knees, she then stuck my face into her pussy and then pulled back the oversized panties upward locking my face between her panties and pussy and forced me suck and lick her pussy. She came in my mouth as instructed by Mistress Anita.
    Mistress Anuta got over me and smoothered my face between her strong firm breasts not allowing me to breath. She did this repeatedly while Mistress Manisha was pulling my tied cock with help of one loose end of the rope. Mistress Anita slapped me several times during my misbehaviour as punishment. She also ordered Mistress Manisha to bite my balls and lick them.
    At the end the session Mistress Anita got me to climax making me ooze off my load and helping me relax. She also used vibrator on my balls to make me cum my level best.

    I had requested Mistress Anita to click my pictures while the duo dominated me. She did this like a professional and emailed them to me.

    We ended this session with a coffee on her bed with some old talks remembering old friends and some gossips.

    Never seen such a submissive guy like u feel good to take control of u

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    Anita is more than just a companion, she is a goddess that is completely devoted to your physical pleasure. Time with her is absolutely heaven, from the moment you walk in and glimpse her perfect face to the moment you reluctantly have to leave, it is absolute bliss. She’s perfect in every single way gents and should be treated like the goddess anita she is the women every men dream to have you on bed all day and night will meet asap and next time i love to do threesome and i love to taste your and neelam pee thanks my godess your puccy is very yummy

    You were also too good

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (1 other review)

    I met Anita on Saturday with Neelam both are awesome and neelam is to hot to handle and good for her service.
    I definitely repeat her.
    she gave Bj mind blowing.

    Glad u liked it

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