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  • Verified photosDisha Kaur (Independent Married Lady) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Admin please approve 🙏🏾
    Took cam session from Disha. She doesn't talk dirty or perform a dance. But actually she doesn't need to. Her body looks like it is crafted from the finest material available to God. Every inch of her body is beauty which cannot be explained.
    She is not promoting herself with kinky lines and skimpy clothes. But believe me what lies behind those conservative clothing and humble presentation is a treasure. Anyone who appreciates beauty must atleast try a cam session with her.

  • Verified photosJaycee - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Had a late night cam session with her a couple days ago and God is she hotter than anything else I've seen!
    She has horny eyes and a hornier mind. She responded fast on text and was ready quickly after payment.
    She asked to see my dick in order to get her dick hard. She has a fine tool. It was fat, clean and beautiful.
    She was wearing red lipstick and her lips looked lush and inviting. She started playing her lips and tongue in spit which eventually made me cum.
    Now I'm restless to meet her in real life. I only wish she would feed me her sweet spit directly from her mouth, and let me blow her fat cock till it explodes in my mouth.
    I wanna lose my virgin ass to this dangerously hot girl.
    Thanks for the amazing session beautiful 😘🤤♥️

    Wow you are amazing with your words .come an meet me .real sessions will be more enjoyable and your good imagination will be turned into reality .
    Come and experience my way of saying thank you .

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  • Verified photos❁Shilpa❁ Independent Housewife - escort in New Delhi
    24 Nov 2022

    Hi beautiful. Hope you're doing fine and mind answering my query. Are you open to roleplaying during our night together?
    Also, if yes, are there any roleplays off limits for you.
    Have a nice day 😄

    why role plays will be off limit, i don't mind, how ever, i do not offer facility of discussions before meeting.

  • Verified photosSomika (Cam and Real meet) - escort in Noida
    24 Nov 2022

    Hi beautiful. Lovely body you got there. Just needed to ask if you're uncomfortable with any particular roleplays during real meet?
    I am asking because I am into deep incest and stuff and some people are uncomfortable doing that.

    Hello dear
    Please WhatsApp me to discuss all these things...

  • Verified photosSonia Singh independent married lady - escort in New Delhi
    24 Nov 2022

    Hi sweetheart. Your profile is one hell of a tease for me. Just had few queries for you.
    Do you do roleplaying in sessions?
    And if yes, are you uncomfortable with any particular roles, I mean like incest and stuff?

    no issue dear my number available my profile u can msg me on whatsapp

  • Verified photosDeepanita - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    23 Nov 2022

    Hi pretty lady. Reading about your xxl member has already given me hots for you. Just need to ask you onething:
    Can you deepthroat a guy with your xxl member till he passout ( and if yes, have you done it to a guy before ) ?

    Yes, that's my speciality to fuck ur mouth deeply until I cum .. u will love it. Trust me.