i am an independent though mature by age but young in play. i am 35 yrs with a firm big curvy body. i am looking for only mature men, Men who are looking for pure Girlfriend Exp and intense sex . non mechanical session, Though i charge for my meetings, that may seems on a higher side to you, but i am not looking for men who are service seekers. I do not Do ANAL. rest there should not be any restrictions in love making. The important point is Hygiene, and there is no bar.
PIC POSTED HERE ARE GENUINE AND MINE. I do not share Face pics. and i meet in hotels only.
my size is 38D-36-38 height is 5'4.
I charge 15K for 2 to 3 hrs. (1 program) 20K for (2 program) of meeting and 30K for night. (4 program)

Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 181)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
Hair color
New Delhi


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Nice meeting with you Shilpa.. like your services...thanks for coming

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    it was the nice exprience with her..Her boobs were amazing.. totally meeting was amazing thanks shilpa

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Shilpa is literally the lady of my dreams ... All that i have wanted to do and to be done to me. She did it all just go with her and u will not regret her body her face her boobs and her ass all are majestic.. will meet u again baby

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She made my trip... I was looking for real Indian big booby girl 😍. Real, on words and perfect lady. Enjoyed fully. Holla.. 👍👍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hi dear ,
    Sorry for the late review , its due over a week now.

    Met up with this lovely lady in my hotel on a saturday afternoon and what a joy it was to spend that afternoon with her ! She comes across as a bubbly character full of fun and quiet knowledgeable to spend time talking..
    and ofcourse on the main course she aims to ensure that you are on a high..hope you loved the massage dear !

    cheers till we meet again !

    Thanks Dear.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is very responsive and punctual. She is better in person than the pictures shown below. Very good service and doesn’t say no to any request.

    Overall a sweet experience. Will recommend to all

    Thank you dear.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She’s good in her services and pics are real
    Tried her and was full satisfied
    Her nature is good
    She’s well educated and smart looking
    Rest she is on her words as written in her profile
    Will surely recommend and meet her soon in my next trip 😊👌👌

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    she is a very nice lady with good heart met her today.
    all her pictures are real but most importantly she has beautiful eyes.
    Definitely recommend her if you want to spend some good time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is a class lady I think legends don’t need reviews. Her service was beyond transcendental experience

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her yesterday. She is the most beautiful women I have met . She was really lovely. I love her sevices. Totally worth your time and money.

    Thank you for you kind words and effort dear.


  • Lost my number? Send you again.

    by spadaahar – 24 Jan 2023

    Please mail your number again.

  • Wish to meet up again. Reason for the question is that ur number is not valid now.

    by spadaahar – 18 Jan 2023

    please mail me your number. i will contact you.

  • Yup, got it and written you already.

    by spadaahar – 12 Jan 2023

    Ok. let me check and revert you plz.

  • Will u b available tomorrow

    by krishnakumar778 – 22 Dec 2022

    yes i am available, but at what time?

  • Hi Shilpa are you available for tomorrow night

    by Gautum – 19 Dec 2022

    I am available day after

  • Hi Shilpa, can we meet on coming monday

    by krishnakumar778 – 26 Dec 2022

    yes i can

  • i am astonished by your pics and reviews, what is the most easy way to meet you?

    by cvalshaheen – 17 Dec 2022

    Please mail me, after reading the full profile details.

  • Hello Mam, do you give mistress slave session? I want to take murga punishment and hand canning punishment by your auspicious hands Mam.
    Thanks Mam

    by Shekhar_1 – 5 Dec 2022

    No dear, I offer Girlfriend experience. Not into those things.

  • Hi, just wanted to know that are you available on 2nd December and do you have any age restriction cause I'm 25?
    Thank you

    by Ajay789 – 8 Dec 2022

    don't mind age, but ur date is gone.

  • Hi beautiful. Hope you're doing fine and mind answering my query. Are you open to roleplaying during our night together?
    Also, if yes, are there any roleplays off limits for you.
    Have a nice day 😄

    by gentleman9563 – 28 Nov 2022

    why role plays will be off limit, i don't mind, how ever, i do not offer facility of discussions before meeting.

  • It was what's your do and does not. Typing error.

    by spadaahar – 16 Nov 2022

    ok.. its all written in profile..

  • I would love to meet you, what are you do and does not, and policy to meet?

    by spadaahar – 13 Nov 2022

    Hi, i did not understood "What are you" ??

  • Hi are u available tonight

    by Gautum – 3 Nov 2022

    no i am not available today. other day please.

  • hi,
    provided my no. to you as well now. Can you provide the details and we can have a call at some point.

    by sausam0785 – 7 Oct 2022

    HI, all details are given in the profile, please read it fully

  • hi, sent you a private, please check!!

    by sausam0785 – 3 Oct 2022

    Please attach your calling number, if my profile details suits you, i don't connect initially over social chatting apps.

  • Hey are you available tonight..

    by Kapil_1 – 16 Sep 2022

    Yes i back in delhi and available.

  • Hi shilpa available now

    by Gaurav_15 – 25 Aug 2022

    yes mail me with your contact number

  • Hi shilpa are you available tonight

    by Gaurav_15 – 29 Aug 2022

    plz msg me.

  • We two friend looking for housewife for threesome fun fully Kinky type are interested with us
    And we can help you too reference our few friends also if you give best service

    by vickyroy21918 – 29 Jul 2022

    HI, i don't meet with two clients for threesome. Thank you.

  • can we meet do you mind meeting 50+ man

    by srikhaenter – 15 Jun 2022

    never, i prefer mature men.

  • She did more than what I had expected the best part about her is that she is wild on bed n a passionate kisser. she is always wet and never get tired. She's one of the genuine ones among all. very genuine, jovial and sexy, upscale girl.

    by m3572382 – 7 Jun 2022

    Thanks dear.

  • Which date r u avaliable in chandigarh

    by Vishalsharma91233 – 17 Jun 2022

    No programs recently

  • Available on 1st June near aerocity?

    by sandhyanigam – 29 May 2022

    Yes i am please mail with your details.

  • Any Plans to visit Bangalore, If yes when??

    by karthik117 – 14 May 2022

    I don't have

  • Hi dear do u travel for real meet in Hyderabad

    by eswar10reddy – 19 May 2022

    I can travel any where in the world, if the client is serious, however you are contacting me from 2021,.. but you never confirmthe meeting.

  • Hi, can you meet today? Sent u an email

    by Jkb – 21 Apr 2022

    what is your email id?

  • you look beautiful, when can i meet you

    by madanmohan0184 – 25 Apr 2022

    Hi, when do you want to meet...

  • Hi
    Do u give cum in mouth and rimming services also

    by Charmingguy1979_1 – 8 Mar 2022

    i receive rimming, don't give. cim is fine.

  • Hi shilpa how are you are you available today??? Please tell me fast

    by Ankur_1 – 14 Jan 2022

    Yes i am.


    by arogersnil – 23 Dec 2021

    I have replied you.

  • Hello shilpa
    Will you be available on 16 December for night?

    by Daruga – 11 Dec 2021

    yes i am, but i don't connect on whats app, you need to share your calling number

  • Would like to meet you for night
    Want to cum inside you is it possible?
    Then inform

    by Rohul – 17 Dec 2021


  • Hii any plan to come Mumbai or pune?
    I want you for full night

    by Sade_1 – 5 Dec 2021

    No plans

  • Hi dear, do you provide webcam sex also?

    by Rockyhunk – 30 Nov 2021

    Only real meet.

  • No mail received plz send me hi my mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 31 Oct 2021

    Got it, check your mail.

  • Mail me my mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 20 Oct 2021

    Got it

  • Msg me your mail id my is

    by Rahul_handsome – 18 Oct 2021

    ok will check.

  • Hi dear, do you provide webcam sex also?

    by Rockyhunk – 7 Oct 2021

    Only real pleasure, i do not offer digital pleasure .

  • Waiting for your reply On my mail id my mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 9 Oct 2021


  • Waiting for your reply my mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 5 Oct 2021


  • Please reply me my mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 16 Oct 2021


  • My mail id is

    by Rahul_handsome – 25 Oct 2021


  • My mail id is waiting for your mail .

    by Rahul_handsome – 24 Oct 2021

    got it

  • My mail is ping me

    by Rahul_handsome – 19 Oct 2021

    i will

  • Msg me your mail id waiting

    by Rahul_handsome – 29 Sep 2021

    share your mail id

  • Msg me your mail id

    by Rahul_handsome – 25 Sep 2021


  • One full night possible with you.

    by Rahul_handsome – 24 Sep 2021

    mail me plz

  • One night full possible

    by Rahul_handsome – 23 Sep 2021

    please read the full profile

  • Is 1 whole day possible with you

    by Rahul_handsome – 18 Sep 2021


  • Can we meet is it possible for you to stay with me for full day and night for 2 day

    by Rahul_handsome – 15 Sep 2021

    no, thank you.

  • Real meet possible today. Charges your full day and night.

    by Rahul_handsome – 13 Sep 2021

    Please read the charges and other details in the profile.

  • R u meet me

    by Naru – 9 Sep 2021

    when do you want to meet?

  • Hey can we meet again shilpa

    by Hitesh_3 – 8 Sep 2021

    sure, please call me.

  • Hey shilpa you are the best best lady on MR

    by Hitesh_3 – 4 Sep 2021

    Thanks dear? have we met??

  • Hi Shilpa.. are you available tomorrow night 1st Sep for meet full night.. if you are available where can we meet?

    by meetmekarthick – 3 Sep 2021

    Sorry for the late reply i am available on 4th and 6th September night, let me know if interested.

  • Hi shilpa are u available for tonight

    by Karan_35 – 30 Aug 2021

    i am free on 31st, 2nd and 4th night

  • Can call you on your given number i want to meet you independent female if I call who will pick my call

    by Sultan_15 – 24 Aug 2021

    are you nuts, or a certified crazy???

  • Mature single male here 38 in delhi staying in good hotel i am tourist I want your services for full day and night for 2 day completely . I want full fun without any conditions msg me your hangout id or telegram id. Later we do talk on pho

    by Sultan_15 – 17 Aug 2021

    sorry, not that much time to host you over chatting apps. no phone number, no communication.

  • Hi shilpa are you available for tomorrow

    by Tushar_9 – 10 Aug 2021

    Yes I am.

  • Hi Didn't hear from you?

    by dominicbothello69 – 7 Jun 2021

    you just mentioned that you want to meet?
    there no date of meeting. no contact number.

  • Ok got it 25k im ready to meet you

    by anasmuhamad1967 – 29 May 2021

    mail me then

  • Hi dear what is your donation for 1nightstand

    by Infoq8 – 27 May 2021

    There is a proper profile written with full details and you ask this question from the same page. Please read it fully. Why is that written for?

  • hi
    mailed you. plz do reply

    by vikasnayak – 4 May 2021

    Whats your email ??

  • Can meet one night

    by Sunpreet – 14 Apr 2021

    yes why not, please go through the full profile details.

  • do you offer sex without condom for extra money ?

    by Cartman_eric – 26 Mar 2021

    No, only with protection

  • Hey are you available on 19th March?

    by devilishsoul90 – 1 Mar 2021

    yes i am.

  • Hi i would like to meet you for 1nightstand

    by chirkeen – 2 Feb 2021

    please mail me dear, and read the full profile as well.

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