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Toilet slave and facesitting furniture who loves to be crushed and smother suffocate under big smelly dirty poopy butts
PS-I can and love to eat your shit directly from your ass but even though you should force me more lol.

I like:

BDSM, Domination, Face sitting, Receiving hardsports, Giving rimming, Role play, Spanking, Submissive, Uniforms and Receiving watersports

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  • Verified photosMisstrss hot vidhi meet n cam fun - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Again great session!
    Im addicted to her brownies in my mouth
    Cause it feels like smell of her brownies attracts me and she made it so much that twice the mouth full and her domination to make it finished and desire to be cleaned only with tongue makes me feel like real deal slave.

    Thnks my regular poo lover
    N thnks for this review

  • Verified photosExperience to remember( Manila - Transsexual escort in Manila
    Rating: 5 / 5

    She is just perfect!
    My first time trying those tools
    I was so scared by just looking into her eyes.
    I told her to smile just once. She just looked at me and drop the character for a while and calmed me down so I can enjoy the real precious moment of my life.
    She helped me catch a beat and when I was ready we decided the word for safety and she started her torment dungeon on me.
    She is just so good at what she does, her acceptance on things what we want even though its just gross, never breaks character in between, super dominating and know how to seduce. She analysis the needs at very begining and understands what would be better at what limit. Overall the best person on massagerepublic.
    After the session I was really sick I don't know why may be due to session may be my health issue, she really took care of me for the whole night, she didn't slept, she stayed there gave me medicine, hug me tight make me feel warm. I can't believe who I am falling for more, her dominant side or her caring personality.
    I can't thank you enough for your precious time you have to me. Thank you love mistress Callie.
    PS- I promise next time I won't be scared or fall sick and will go beyond my limit. And..... My meal πŸ’© and drink 🍻 is due... Waiting on it.. 😍
    Your slave.


  • Verified photosMisstrss hot vidhi meet n cam fun - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her yesterday, absolute beauty, she did things perfectly as I said, I asked for brown shower in my mouth and real swallow anyhow and ending session with blowjob. I can't believe I thought she would be soft on me as like others. But oh my she did really give me big 3 turds in my mouth with full pressure of her ass on my face. She starting pitching me and punching me like real mistress while I was trying to push it away from my mouth but could not as she was sitting on it. She blocked my nose and stated abusing me that I have to swallow or she will click pic of me like this, I was scared but was really enjoying the perfect bdsm mistress!!! I can't believe it took 1 hour for me to chew it all and swallow whole. She seems happy on it and gave me blowjob, after I done as perfect gift of mistress she gave me one last turd surprise and started bouncing on my face which pushes it deep in my mouth, It choked me and she still bounce and laugh. I panicked and wanted water then she pissed in my mouth which I hated but swallow as I was scared choked.

    Five stars perfect mistress! Would surely repeat and have long term mistress slave sessions with her

    Thnks to n god bless you n I wish u come again

  • Mistress Silvia - dominatrix in Nairobi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    4th session with mistress Silvia. 3rd session review dis not published don't knw why.

    I just can't have enough of her ass.
    She took my face dunder her dress and bended her body while smashing my face again and again was the best moment a slave could have. She is completely a dominant.
    I thought and mistakenly asked her that is being a mistress is her real lifestyle or is she just pretend to be that for business as she care for me (I felt) boyoboy! She took it seriously and punished me for real for that.
    She sat on my face for like a minute while I was completely blinded in her fullweight for a while and to make it even worse she spanked both my cheeks real hard while repeating what do you think am i a real mistress or not hn! , I can still feel the pain of it. I was almost about to cry at that time but could not as my whole face was trapped under her big booty.
    PS- you guys can see my face trapped under her πŸ‘ in her pics!!

    I always feel helplessly trapped but willingness to do that for my mistress always bring me back to her.

    Still looking forward for more sessions with you ma'am Silvia. Can't wait till I be ready to surrender myself enough and be ready to take that πŸ’© all in.

    Your crazy slave.

    Last time you bought teeth protector, i hope this time you've bought nose πŸ‘ƒ protector also!,as i broke your nose twice slaveπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†,and next time you ask me stupid questions am gonna make you cry even if you don't want to..Just know that i own you., Under my precious ass, you're doing great slave boy. See you next time.

  • Verified photosYOUR FAVORITE TS IS BACK! (LIMITED DAYS) - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    She is the best!
    She made my dream come true
    I suckled first time!!
    I eat her πŸ’© first time!! She was super dominant and I loved it!
    Fucked trans first time!!
    Facesitting with jiggly butt was something I fall for and I get it!!
    She even gave me a romantic passionate kiss for so long I can't stop falling more and more for her lips
    I love you my mistress! ❀️

    Thank you 😘😘

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