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  • Verified photosAnita38 - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    A couple of weeks back, wanted to have a session with Mistress Anita but due to scheduling challenges ended up having a session with Mistress Neelam instead. Was an amazing experience. She had all the toys and was really forcing herself on me, making me do things. All bucket list items in a BDSM session were ticket expect golden showers. I am not into too much pain and she adjusted very well to my kinks. Towards the end, Mistress Neelam really went out of the way to ensure I had a good time (even when I asked for the session to be stopped) - shows really good professionalism. Will certainly want to experience another session with Mistress Neelam as well as Mistress Anita.

    Iam glad u liked it

  • Verified photosReeds for all your kinks - escort in Candolim, Goa
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Had a session with Reeds today. It was an amazing experience. I wanted BDSM play with her as the dominant and she has the basic toys to play. She allowed me to go down on her and was active participant in it through moaning and moving of her hips. Very hygienic down there. I wanted her to slap and spank me, which she readily did quite well. Fucking her was the best cock felt so damn awesome inside her (she was moving her hips and contracting her pussy to give my dick an amazing feeling). I felt the session ended a little too early for my liking and we couldn't go through all that I wanted (don't thin it was on purpose), but hoping next time that doesn't happen.

    So humbled by your feedback...but it was short n sweetand memories to treasure