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  • Verified photosZiya Mehra - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi i have send you an email please reply….here you go with my message…..

    Hi……can we meet tomorrow please…..could you please recommend me a hotel in bandra….any of the 3 star….and i am ready to pay your 20000 charge toooo…..i can give you advance also full amount…..but i want to meet tomorrow itself…..waiting for your reply…..thanks

    Sweetheart I am currently on my periods so wont be able to meet tomorrow.
    Moreover everytime you say the same and you disagree over the hotel suggestions as you want to meet at some local shady hotel which I am not comfortable with.
    So Sweetheart I wont be interested in meeting you, as you do this everytime over every conversation. You may look for someone who can be comfortable with your terms of hotel Sweetheart.

  • Verified photosSarah A Level Milf - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Best lady i have ever met in my entire life.Very polite and humble woman....not at all a time watcher....amazing blowjob and massage skills

    Thank you dear . Xoxoxo

  • Deleted profile (Mrs. R Roy)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    She is a total scam....she asks for advance as mentioned in her profile....when she gets the advance she stops replying on the mail...she will always tell that she will give her address and phone number details after you give her the advance in her bank account....she has scammed me by taking 50% advance of rs humble request to the site is to please block her account...thanx

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  • Verified photosHeba - escort in Mumbai
    7 Dec 2022

    Hi please reply to my mails….i have mailed you dear

    What is ur id dear?

  • Verified photosZiya Mehra - escort in Mumbai
    23 Jun 2022

    Hey i have again mailed you twice…..still no reply from your side

    Honestly speaking if you would have mailed me then by now you would have already got my reply as I have already replied to all mails in my inbox and couldn't spot any mails in spam as well.

    If you still haven't received any reply then would request you to kindly pass me your email id so that I can look for your email or I can drop you a mail myself.

  • Verified photosZiya Mehra - escort in Mumbai
    29 Apr 2022

    Have mailed you twice why dont you reply me

    Sweetheart I have replied to all my mails in my inbox.
    Can you can drop me a mail again Or Can you send me your email id so that I can have a look at it?

  • Verified photosZiya Mehra - escort in Mumbai
    13 Mar 2022

    I have mailed you twice on your mail….please reply dear

    I have replied to all mails in my inbox Sweetheart. Please check your mail.

  • Desi Malkin - escort in Mumbai
    29 Apr 2021

    I have mailed you twice dear...please reply to my mails....thanx

    Sorry going really busy with clients

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