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Hey Cuties,

I am Heba, a girl with fig 36 32 34 with a milky fair colour that every man wishes and craves to spoil on his bed all day and night.

I am well educated, decent and to add spice to life i am a very naughty girl when it comes to some fun on bed and wild with some sensual and seductive conversation that would add more spice on bed. These pics are all mine so what you see is what you get.

As you know in life nothing comes for free so for 2hours i would charge Rs.15,000 INR

I am not available post 9:30pm so nights wont be possible.

I am available to meet at Andheri, Bandra, Juhu or NAVI MUMBAI and hotel has to be 3stars or above (No OYO or Fab)

Inbox me if you are interested

Note: I dont meet at Private places and I dont do cams

Lets make some bedroom secrets together. Lets cuddle, roll and pump me with the naughty in your pants.
Lets spend some beautiful time and make memorable moments together.

Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 188)
Hindi (Fluent)
English (Good)
Marathi (Good)
167 cm / 5′6″
Hair color


  • Rating: 2 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    I met her few days back. The girl is real and genuine, but i can guarantee that 95% of her reviews are fake.They are all written by 1st timers, who created their profile just to write a review, for her. They do not review any other escort. Her profile is managed by some old lady. Another common trend to notice on all reviews is that the user first asks a question and then after 3 days, the review is posted. It is so obvious. Moreover your age is more than what you claim.

    A platform like MR may have new people joining in everyday so ur claim of me meeting new people is baseless. There are a some seasoned clients as well who have met me and one of them being nairanish540 who has reviewed all major profiles but a pimp like u would never point out that.

    Without even meeting me how can you judge my age? I even make video calls after confirmations before meeting so people who have met me already know how true you pimp are.

    The funniest part is old lady handling my profile as you claimed. Did you see her fingers tremble? lol

    Lol! nice try to defame me MR.Pimp. I have your previous emails wherein you had asked me for 30% commission and later even begged to agree on 20%. You had also claimed that you have many profiles working for u here on MR. I am not surprised even when you say 95% of my reviews are fake coz your profiles can't digest me getting ahead in reviews.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    About one month back I met Heba it was a moment to cherish. Her figure was to drool on 🤤 and on bed experience with her was really awesome and worth to cherish with a beautiful girl like Heba. See you soon hotness.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had great fun meeting Heba last week she was a girl who made sure that I was drained when she left. She has got full boobs that are in shape 🤤. Her blowjob with lots of saliva was mindblowing. I can say she blew my mind when she blew me.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Heba last week and about the time with her it was like with each stroke those firm boobs bouncing was itself a delight to watch. She is into proper GFE without any tantrums. Worth it experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had great fun with Heba 6 days back. Shes really got a pair of nice big yet firm titties that itself was a delight to see when she was on top riding me like a horse. She is a girl who enjoyed it as equally as I did and those moans were a music to my ears. She looked straight into my eyes while she blew like a hungry tigress. Indeed a soothing experience with Heba.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Heba ur services are awesome... Hope u remember me... We met at ginger hotel at the end of April

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I guess its late to post a review for this Beautiful girl. She never gave me a reason to complain she was at par all my needs ❤. She blew me by massaging me in form of stroking that was really awesome to experience. She has a great body to explore that itself was a point of seduction. I am impressed by her and will meet her again soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Around 5days back met the beautiful and busty Heba. It was indeed a refreshing and loving time to spend time with her. She was splendid on her knees 🤤 and also on top with a view of bouncing tits. I would call it an experience worth the spend.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Nearly 10days back I met Heba. She is a girl with big boobs and ass that too in good shape. She has that craving to have sex in her that makes her more desirable as she enjoyed it equally as I did. She looks exactly same as her pics. Just one drawback I felt was she should try to reach on time as she got late that day rest all was awesome.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met few days ago, very comforting and relaxed lady, while simultaneously wild in bed.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    It was a very fruitful experience with Heba. Had those ravishing melons. She is a really horney girl who gets really wet still it was very tight. Those moments were really cherishable especially her sloppy blowjob with a lots of pressure on it.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    2 days back I met Heba. She is beautiful with boobs and ass bigger than her frame 😍. The way she blows wildly is something that i can cherish on with a hardon even today. In terms of service she was awesome.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Fell in love with those big boobs met her last month and I must say the way she drived me crazy with her seductive moves in those sexy lingerie was a real wow experience. She has got really big and firm boobs as my fantasy 🤤. She is a horney girl who knows how to get a man satisfied on bed. She has a naughty seductive tongue that talks, licks and sucks well.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Nearly a month back had met this beautiful Heba. She posses great assets with a fair smooth skin. Way she blows sloppily applying some pressure making an eye contact is a wow feeling in itself.
    Highlights were her bouncing firm big boobs during the WOT and Missionary with loud moans 😍 A true visual and physical treat is what I would write in a single line about Heba.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had a great time spending time with Heba. She was excellent on her knees for blowjob and riding me on top of me. She nibbled my complete body and that feeling was a great feeling. She has a wonderful figure and Her sloppy Bj with an eye contact 😍 is a relishing moment in itself.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Delighted over her big assets decided to meet Heba. She is a fair girl with big aseets with a very beautiful face. Over a couple of drinks we cuddled, explored one another and made out wildly that her moans wer echoing. The way she blew me looking directly into my eyes still gives me a hardon. Will definitely meet her again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Heba is a girl who is gifted with a beautiful face and a hot sexy figure. Met her a couple of days back and yes truely a girl with a very high sex drive. She gets horney like crazy and she knows how to empty the balls and her bazookas are something that made pounce on them and feast on them. Really enjoyed her beauty and her company over drinks.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Heba is one of those girls who matched with my personal parameters of a girl having big boobs and ass with a beautiful face and a fair skintone. This girl was exactly as her pics with no reason to regret. She is a thirsty girl when it comes to sex and she is among them who is into enjoying the time passionately till she happens to fulfill her thirst. She is not a time watcher. She provided me a complete GFE with a cherry on cake she is an excellent blower.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    After interacting with many girls on this forum I chose to meet Heba and meet turned out to be exactly as I wanted it to be. A girl who can be both Submissive and Dominate on bed at the same time. Heba is a girl who is beautiful, Sensible and those boobs are really wow, Soft and Shapey like in hindi we say ekdam bada Aam jaisa 😍. Also like to quote one more like in hindi "Jawani foot foot ke bhari hai Heba me. Ekdam aag hai bandi" those who understood it would never miss it 😉. Thank you Heba

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Heba is undoubtedly a girl who is a great choice. The sloppy blowjob that she performs with lusty facial expressions shows her urge and how much equally she enjoys with light bites which adds more passion 😉 to the bj. She went submissive to wild on bed as per my choice without me expressing it verbally to her she understood it. She has that lust factor in her that makes her to crave for more fun than that we men do 😜. In other words A beautiful girl who is full of lust and urge.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had met Heba last month and She is one of those girls who is naughty and knows how to drive a man crazy for her while talking to her by her seductive moves to bed and at the same time she is one of those who can be hand picked if you are into beautiful girls with big yet firm boobs and ass with an attitude to satisfy and get satisfied unlike others which makes her a specie of rare find. Her highlight is licking the peehole and playing with it while giving bj 😍
    Only negative about her is that she does not meet after 7pm which makes it hard during working days.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Beautiful girl with a high libido with big, firm and very much in shape boobs and ass 👙😍. Interms of service people who know whats libido 💦 would have already understood it.
    Rare to find such a hottie 😍.

    Thank you dear for such a good review. I must say I am Honoured and you are actually a very great person and indeed I felt very happy spending time with you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    A few weeks back I met Heba and she was same as her pics spicy hot and beautiful With heavy yet firm boobs. Yes she is a horney girl who would not only look forward to satisfy but also will get herself satisfied. She is a naughty girl who knows how to get a man crave for her with her naughty acts. The way she rides like riding a horse can make anyone cum with that tightness and bouncing boobs and loud moans.

    Thank you dear it was infact my pleasure to get hosted by a Gentleman like you. Even I throughly enjoyed your company on Bed 😉 as well as sipping those drinks and sharing the same cigarette with you I felt bonded with you and then making out actually felt very connected 😄 Thank you for the wonderful time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Absolutely no regrets meeting this beautiful and the girl with such big firm assets. She blowed me well while i was still gazing at her big mounts sipping my drink those looked soo perfect and firm. She is the one right package who has been blessed with beautiful looks and big boobs. She is an excellent companion over drinks and smoke.
    She gets really horney and makes sure that one with her is damn satisfied and so does she herself gets. Her libido for sex is really amazing. These kind of girls are always worth it whose libido is higher than of a man.

    It was a pleasure to spend time with you dear. Yes I also enjoyed your company a lot. Thank you for this lovely review. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    A few days back I happened to meet Heba and as you see in her pics she is exactly the same fair, beautiful and busty. Yumm
    She has outperformed the conventional way of making out she is one desperate girl for sex that she would seduce you to such an extent that you will give it back to her in the best possible way that she gets satisfied.
    I would highly recommend if you haven't been with a horney girl.
    Just a fun fact: Have a lot of protein coz your testicles are gona be drained.

    Thank you for such a lovely review and I loved spending time with you as well in fact you are a great host which I must appreciate. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Its a long pending review. Heba is a naughty girl with whom I had spent the best time of my life. A girl with big assets who will simply blow your mind. Her Blowjob skills are so amazing that she will drain you off. She is very Wild and Horny on bed. She allowed me to ooze my CUM on her tits. She was ready for any position on bed. Her hot pussy will make you to CUM more. She is a woman of her words. Whatever she claimed she did it. She is one such girl who is good looking with big assets. Meet u soon again

    Thank you dear for such a great review. I am happy that I could live upto your expectations and end up getting such a wonderful review. I must say I am Honoured and you are actually a very great person and indeed I felt very happy spending time with you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hebz is a girl who was perfectly as my taste. Her big boobs are to die for 😍. She is a girl with whom i enjoyed the company with few drinks and smoke and trust me smoking girls are red hot. Beauty with great figure are a rare find and she is the one if you are looking for such combination especially if you love big boobs and ass. Interms of service she is a total bang-on her bj skills and the way she rides 🐎 is worth a great experience.

    Thank you dear for such a lovely review dear and even I loved spending time with you in fact you are a great host which I must appreciate. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    A beautiful girl who is very friendly to gel with and more than that she turned out to be a very horny chick who gets turned on by a few touches n kisses and Once she is turned on you will find a wild cat ready to feast on. Her big melons and ass can make any man have a boner in no time. An absolutely wild n beautiful girl with great figure to relish on.
    Get your energy full before meeting her she would drain a lot of energy.😉

    Thank you for the review dear. It means a lot to me.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Heba is of my type i like big bust and ass and she fits perfectly into that category without a huge frame and has a beautiful face as well. She is the one who likes to be licked at right places to ignite the fire in her but once ignited she goes like a wild fire that can only be suppressed once she is satisfied and must say to get her satisfied a lot of calories will be burnt and felt the word satisfaction in reality with this beautiful chick.

    Thank you for the review dear. It means a lot to me

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Heba is a girl who has big and in shape firm assets and knows how to seduce a man and knock n drain all his energy on bed. She is one among very lusty girl who enjoys making out than just portraying it to which is actually very rare. Loved it a lot "Dil maange more" feeling.
    The way she licks, vaccums, and rolls her fingers during BJ are the things that actually took me on verge if cumming in seconds.
    Thank you Hebz.

    Thank you dear for your kind words as a review. I am honoured and its a very loving review that I can cherish on, The way you have described me and my services i feel delighted and honoured.
    Thank you dear

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Heba is a girl with whom i had one of my best time. A girl with big assets and bubbly nature. She was up for any adventure on bed in any position. She is one such girl who is good looking with big assets and smooth fair skin with long hairs is an addon to her beauty. Roleplays with her was the spiciest as the way she pulled it on was really one of the best part of the time we spent. Meet u soon again

    Thank you dear for such a great review. I am happy that i could meet your expectations and end up getting such a wonderful review. I must say I am Honoured and you are actually a very great person and indeed i felt very happy spending time with you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had met Heba on 2nd of Nov and i must say she looks ditto as her pics.
    She looks gorgeous with big assets and she is that wild hungry cat on bed looking for the meat between the legs with full of lust and seduced me to a very great extent before the act that i couldnt last more than 5mins though i last long. She really knows how to take a man to the peak of his pleasure and how to make him unload with utmost satisfaction.
    I would say had an uncompromised experience with this beauty. Worth the money i would say.

    Thank you dear for such a great review. Hahaha "A wild cat looking for meat" I must say that meat was really relishing...meow 😉
    Thank you once again dear for such a wonderful review.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Meeting Heba on friday was a splendid decision. She was exactly same as her pics. Big and juicy racks with good blowjob skills and she is a naughty chick who knows how to excite a man and make him pound her wild. The major turn on was i felt like being with a lusty girlfriend of mine without any tantrums. Trust me a mix of beauty, lust, wildness and naughtiness is a rare combination people who had experienced such a girl before can only understand what it feels to be with such a one.

    Thank you dear for such a great review. I am happy that i could meet your expectations and end up getting such a wonderful review. I must say I am Honoured and you are actually a very great person and i was lucky to spend time with you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Happened to meet Heba yesterday though my actual plan was to meet her on weekend.
    She was the right girl to choose for if to describe her in 3 words Beautiful, Hot and Naughty. Her bj was something that i enjoyed a lot like anything and she was very tight down there with good big pair of assets.
    Some good gems here on MR.

    Thank you dear for your kind words as a review. I am honoured.


  • Hello heba r u availble today evening I want meet u ple so many massge u but no reply ?

    by Naru – 1 Oct 2022

    I have not received any mail with name Naru dear....So u may pls mail me again.

  • Are you doing cam session?

    by Christy_10_1 – 23 Sep 2022

    Only into real meets dear....not into cams

  • Hey heba trying to connect with you.

    by chaudhariprakashv – 27 Sep 2022

    If you wish to connect then you can message me dear..... I can't see any messages from ur end as of yet...

  • Please share me your number busty

    by Sandeepvermasv2 – 16 Sep 2022

    Please message me first dear.

  • Hey beautiful, do you provide cam service?

    by alexsexbomb8 – 13 Sep 2022

    No dear.. I am only into real meetings.

  • Are you free to meet today or tomorrow?

    by bottoms_up – 6 Sep 2022

    Yes dear....I had also got your message and I have replied to your message as well...

  • Hey Heba, Your tits looks very Yummy. Are you ok with Cum on Tits?

    by JamesCollaco – 30 Aug 2022

    Thank you dear.....Yes I am fine with Cum on Tits, Face and Body.
    Let me know if u wish to meet.

  • Are you ok with having fun under shower?

    by cj7 – 25 Aug 2022

    Yes dear...It will be fun under cold shower.

  • You got a ravishing body
    Would love to feast on.can we meet?

    by barrelcleaning – 23 Aug 2022

    Thank you...Message me dear.

  • R u available tomo?

    by peanutbutter – 20 Aug 2022

    Yes dear I am available....If you wish to meet me u can message me

  • Hi Heba, have sent you an email, kindly reply if interested

    by Kragus – 15 Aug 2022

    I haven't received any mail from Kragus yet dear....Request you to send me again.

  • Available to meet today?

    by rm_3 – 7 Aug 2022

    Yes dear I am...Message me if you want to meet me today.

  • I saw your Profile & am Impressed! "Would love to bang you till the last drop of my cum". I want to get my Balls Drained.
    When are you free for short time?

    by JamesCollaco – 11 Aug 2022

    Thank you dear....When do u want to meet?

  • Can we meet tomo? ....want to see those big boobs bouncing when you ride me

    by ketanpatel – 4 Aug 2022

    Yes dear can meet you tomorrow ys u will love to see them for sure

  • Can you visit my home? Its safe and secure

    by optimus_prime – 2 Aug 2022

    No dear i meet only at hotels

  • That shape and size 😍 looks crazy. Can we meet?

    by rk_walia – 31 Jul 2022

    Thank you dear...Not just the shape and size as people say they even feel great when you would hold them.
    Sure...Message me we can decide on it.

  • any chance for night meet?

    by rakesh7454 – 28 Jul 2022

    No dear I dont meet for overnights.

  • Hey Heba, When can I get a chance to taste your hot molten Pussy?
    Are you free over the weekend??

    by Rajat_3 – 26 Jul 2022

    Yes dear I am free to meet on weekend...let me know your plans

  • Impressive pics and reviews. Awaiting your response to my msg

    by snorlax_1 – 24 Jul 2022

    I have already replied to ur message dear

  • Available to meet on weekend?

    by cvomov – 21 Jul 2022

    Yes dear I am available to meet on may let me know if you wish to meet.

  • Please respond i have msged u

    by HorneyKing – 17 Jul 2022

    I have replied to all messages dear...Let me know if you haven't got a reply

  • Are you available these days?

    by diwansanjay715 – 15 Jul 2022

    Yes Dear I am available to meet... Let me know when do you wish to meet?

  • Hi Heba, Will you reply back to my mail.

    by Umang_1 – 28 Jun 2022

    What is your email id?

  • Wow. Those boobs 🤩 ....pls have a look at ur inbox

    by hrishi_ng – 26 Jun 2022

    Thank u dear...I have replied to your mail.

  • Are u available to catch up today?

    by erosmt – 23 Jun 2022

    Yes dear I am available today.

  • Pls check ur inbox asap

    by atulsaini9 – 26 May 2022

    I did dear and I have replied you too.

  • Are you ok with cum on face, boobs or body?

    by karansingh_1 – 24 May 2022

    Yes dear I am fine with them.

  • Can we meet? How can we proceed?

    by cum_with_me_to_bed – 22 May 2022

    Yes dear we can.. Drop me a message.

  • I can pay approx. 20k-25k / hr but can you be submissive ?
    i want to do BDSM,

    by kjeet – 20 May 2022

    I dont mind to be submissive but I am not into BDSM I am not interested dear since it involves BDSM.

  • Are you into foreplay that involves a lot of kissing and licking?

    by gobindgulati – 17 May 2022

    Yes dear I am into a lots of foreplay with some roleplays to add more fun and life to it.

  • Your melons look soo 😍 gv golden showers?

    by vishwasvashisht – 14 May 2022

    Thank you dear...They not just look good but they also feel good dear.
    Yes I do give golden showers dear.

  • Do u meet at Navi Mumbai as well?

    by ajaysodhi – 12 May 2022

    Yes dear... I do meet at Navi Mumbai too.

  • Are you ok with roleplays?

    by achauhan7 – 10 May 2022

    Yes dear absolutely infact I enjoy it too !

  • Hi Heba, Would love to meet you and eat out your Pussy.
    When are you free for Short time

    by HarshalRaut1 – 25 Apr 2022

    When do u want to meet dear?

  • You have got an excellently appealing body 🤤

    by abhijeetkapadia – 22 Apr 2022

    Thank you dear

  • Fine with giving gs?

    by laxmanverma5 – 19 Apr 2022

    By GS if you mean Golden Shower then yes dear I am fine with giving Golden Showers

  • Can you reply to my message asap?

    by jksutar – 15 Apr 2022

    Did that already...You can check your mailbox.

  • Can you gv golden shower to me? And also facesit? If yes i can meet you today or tomorrow

    by pravinrauti7 – 11 Apr 2022

    Yes dear I am fine with giving Golden Shower and Facesit
    Message me if you wish to meet dear

  • You have nice big melons 😍 pls contact me back I have mailed you.

    by sanjaydang – 8 Apr 2022

    Thank you Dear...I have replied you back as well.

  • Hi dear
    I am interested in you send me your contact number

    by taiber_khan – 3 Apr 2022

    Message me dear.

  • Can you meet early morning?

    by Op_Ol – 12 Mar 2022

    Message me dear.

  • Hey busty let me know if we decide to meet When can we?

    by tanmaygosavi – 15 Mar 2022

    You can let me know when you wish to meet over the mail/message

  • It seems that Erotic Aleena is asking people to copy paste reviews from your profile 🤣.

    by shubhamgupta90 – 8 Mar 2022

    All I wish to tell every girl out here is "Let the guy post one if he wishes to post one don't bother him to post one" Aleena claims on her reply to your review that he enjoyed with her so he posted one then that review should have been in his own words depicting the experience with her rather than copying someone's experience with ME. I don't understand how a person can have a ditto experience with someone else word by word and I wonder how she is still justifying that review?

    Anyways Thank you dear for bringing this to light. I really appreciate it

  • Hey..u look awesome..looking forward to connect..How

    by lean_sandy – 4 Mar 2022

    Thank you...Message me dear.

  • Hi,
    I will staying in BKC from tomorrow till saturday ... are you available in evening s

    by marksachin77 – 6 Mar 2022

    Yes dear I am available.....Message me

  • Hi dear like to meet you rey to my email

    by Bhukhalund – 2 Mar 2022

    Message me dear will reply you. If you have already messaged then you would have got my reply.

  • Can you give scat (brown shower) ?

    by Eren – 10 Mar 2022

    No Dear I am not into such nasty acts.

  • Uff her boobs are spilling out of her bra. Sexy figure she got me really hard

    by Alia_5 – 28 Feb 2022

    Thank you dear. Let me know if you would like to feel them 😉

  • Wooh! Those big and firm boobs are getting me a wild hard erection.
    Are you available to meet today?

    by bothara_akhilesh – 26 Feb 2022

    Your erection is a compliment to me dear and I am loving it.
    Yes, I am available to meet today.

  • What are ur views about meeting tomorrow?

    by origami_artist – 22 Feb 2022

    I am available tomo dear...Message me so that we can discuss further.

  • R u ok with roleplays? I am planning to meet you today so chk and reply ur inbox

    by rastorscan – 17 Feb 2022

    Yes dear I am ok with roleplays and roleplays are fun. I have replied you.

  • I am looking for tonight. Please check your mailbox and reply me

    by chaurasyya_ram – 11 Feb 2022

    I already did reply to your mail dear. You may have a look at it and reply me back.

  • I am planning to meet today pls check ur mailbox and reply mr

    by chaurasyya_ram – 15 Feb 2022

    We are already in touch over mails dear.

  • Are you available @ Navi Mumbai tomorrow afternoon?

    by John_243 – 4 Feb 2022

    Yes Dear,
    I am available.

  • Are you open to giving golden showers?

    by ashutoshgulati – 1 Feb 2022

    Yes dear i can give you a Golden Shower

  • R u available tomorw at Andheri?

    by goxelog417 – 30 Jan 2022

    Yes dear i am available tomorrow

  • R u into roleplays?

    by karanthaparpj – 28 Jan 2022

    Yes dear, I am even fine with taboo roleplays 😉

  • available today?

    by Mayanksingh80 – 25 Jan 2022

    Yes dear.

  • R u ok with cum on face?
    R u available today?

    by jeromevictor – 22 Jan 2022

    Yes i am ok with COF....Yes i am available today

  • Hi dear, I have sent you an email, no response. Please respond.

    by namitpatel25 – 5 Jan 2022

    I dont find any mail pending to be replied in my mail dear. Can you share me ur id or can you mail me again?

  • Good to meet today?

    by vishal_bagga – 10 Nov 2021

    Yes..I can meet u today

  • Hello mam i am boy but i like femdome ..Can you fuck my anal with strapons ..

    by Ravisharma887 – 8 Nov 2021

    No...i dont have strapons sorry

  • Could u pls check ur messages asap

    by incognito_traveller – 31 Oct 2021

    Yes dear i did and i have reverted u back.

  • message sent u
    please reply

    by Dav68 – 20 Oct 2021 may check dear

  • How to contact u?

    by VG0202 – 19 Oct 2021

    Message me dear

  • You look yumm..can we meet tomo?

    by Rohan_bhide – 27 Sep 2021

    You wont just stop at once that yummy i am 😉
    Yes dear ....what time?

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