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    A true Goddess. Loved every moment with her. Her smell is magical and made me want to surrender myself to her. She made me feel so comfortable yet her presence is so domineering that her gaze is enough to make you nervous. A true lifestyle domina. A humble human and very transparent. Respects privacy and knows what she is into. She made me look at myself in a way which I wouldn't have. If it were upto me, I would serve her for as long as she wants me to be her slave. Can't wait to be at her beautiul feet. She took good care of me as i told her it is my first time into Bdsm. I can smell her sex on me even now and it is so erotic that every breeze of wind makes me feel like i am worshipping her pussy. She made me her bitch and spanked me. She is so classy. I feel lucky I had the opportunity to serve mistress Anita. She has a delicious and tightt pussy which she made me eat and I was obliged to get a chance to make her climax with my tongue. The only thing i didn't like was leaving as I wish i could serve her for the eternity.. It was so intense being in her presence and i didn't want it to end. Wish to get used by Mistress Anita again. Missing her already. There aren't many genuine dommes around and i thought there are none, until today. She is not just sexily dominant but also very confident and an intellectual woman. Wish to learn more about the lifestyle from Anita Ma'am. I hope i get to serve and worship her again soon 😘❤

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