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  • Verified photosSensual Therapist- Lucy - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Lucy yesterday. Since I’m a first timer, I was a bit anxious. But the smooth flow of communication and the entire vibe of the meet put me at ease immediately. What Lucy chooses to share is an entire experience starting with the massage, even the scent of the oils she uses oozes sensuality. Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime. For those sitting on the fence waiting for the right partner, there is no one better than Lucy.

    Treat her with respect and love. She truly deserves it

    …. Melted-speechless-happy-grateful , i have mixed feelings reading your comment and honestly read it like a thousand times over and over.
    I was trying to win your heart to get your return but seem you just won mine as well by your kindness.
    Means alots to me , beyond the promoting , i feel just great as a unique human being who left some good memories in your experiences. Indeed an honor ❤️ Wish you all the joy and happiness.
    Lucy ❤️

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