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  • Verified photosNuru massage julie independent - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is probably a long due review for Julie since i met her. Comms were straightforward and i ended finding myself at the entrance of her building in 5 hours since we started talking. Secure and quaint neighbourhood and was able to get up to her apartment without any questions asked by the buildings security. Was greeted by her wearing the sluttiest green lingerie and a transparent gown over it. She noticed the boner in my sweatpants and embraced with one hand around my neck and the other going straight down to feel my hardness. Having her do this at her doorstep got me all the more riled up and we started making out in front of her cat. Clean apartment with a great aroma of essential oils and a soft tune in the background to set the mood. I insisted on having a shower before the Nuru part - and didn't expect her to jump into the tub. Tried our best to wash each other off while having our tongues in each others throats the whole time. Got rock hard when she went down and started sucking me off under the shower like there was no tomorrow. Having her bathroom fill with both our moans got her excited too and i used her petite and sexy body to my advantage to pick her up and flip her upside down. That was our first standing 69 and i can still feel the way her thighs shuddered around my shoulders while she slobbered on my cock head and balls. We moved it to her bedroom which was completely set up with the perfect lighting and aromas. She had me lay down and got down to town with the nuru gel. The way she nastily kept talking about the kinky things she wanted to do while sliding up and down got my throbbing to the extent of wanted to spray her back with my load. I flipped her over and went down on her to give her bald pussy a taste. Loved the way she locked my head with her legs and kept moaning while also worrying about the fact that her neighbours might hear us. Felt her gush into my face and her thighs shiver like an earthquake. Guess thats when i got the animal out of the cage, because she got up and pushed me against the wall .. got down on her knees and sucked me furiously. Watching her bob back n forth in the full length mirror on the wall got me riled up. Threw ourselves on the bed and fucked in all possible positions like it was our last night on the planet. The way she shook and dug her nails on my back with every orgasm made me go all the more BULL on her. Picked her up and made her stand in doggy in front of the mirror - to watch her expressions while fucking her from behind and whacking that petite ass. Got our sloppy nuru'ed bodies back on the bed into a 69 for a while, before she hopped on and started riding me cow girl. While i was on the verge of cumming after railing her pussy for a good 40 minutes, she wanted to swallow my load - which was completely unexpected for me. We got in front of the mirror again where she got on her knees and sucked my sloppy pussy juice covered cock trying to deepthroat it. Woman took my entire load like a pornstar and licked up the drops that overflowed out on her chin and tits. She was sweet enough to wash me up again in the shower with mild foreplay. Julie is one of the best in the Nuru business and would love to spend more time with her.

    Thank you very much for your kind review, glad you enjoyed my service, hope to see you again soon for your better service.

  • Verified photosHeba - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    A much delayed review for the unforgettable Heba. Met her at a hotel in Andheri. Communication was seamless and smooth. She goes out of her way to build trust & comfort with you. She entered the room on a rainy afternoon like she owned me. And from that moment onwards, the next 2 hours were just a wild ride with your eyes mostly rolling into the back of your head out of euphoric pleasure. She obliged to everything and also goes the extra mile to surprise you with a few tricks she's got up her sleeve (and holes). The way she maintained eye contact in the shower while looking up at me and gagging to gobble up the entire length of my cock, still stays fresh in my head. Once back on the bed, she starts from the edge and made her way up till she was uncontrollably grinding on my face and riding my tongue. With no hesitation of being loud, she moaned aloud like a proper pornstar and stroked me while cumming in my mouth. Having her ride you with her hands up holding her hair and watching those huge juicy tits bounce out of control is just an unforgettable sight. Inside Tip : Have her turn around and ride you reverse cowgirl - so that you get to smack that gorgeous ass. The way she got off quickly and hungrily took me back into her mouth, slurping sloppy & wet and looking up at me with those sultry 'fuck me more' eyes got me throbbing harder down her throat. What made me tap out and cum was when she swallowed both my balls and licked under finding my spot and coming back up to tease my head and swallow it all in one go. Can never forget the time i spent with her - and can't wait to meet this gorgeous piece of ass again.