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  • Verified photosDana, Lebanese Uk - number changed - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Nice girl. EnthusiasticĂ , kisses - loves sex. All cleavage and ever so slightly chunky legs (see pics) has a brain. Padded bra's make her boobs look large and odd on such a short lady. Totters around on heels, wears very short dresses. A little embarrasing - everything on show. Has a downer on men but is polite and likes having sex which id perhaps why she is always online. Insidts, "..l'm just doing this for fun..." however, your one hour incall request will be met by a, "...why not make it two..." There then follows the chat, one hour becomes 2 or 3 and Dana is not shy about asking for more money - sometimes done in a slightly irritating little girl voice. Had alot of sex from all her reviews but not overly innovative. Listens and is fun but talks alot - you might want to encourage a movevto the bedroom, however, you may also find yourself slung out, she can turn! Shockingly hard nosed, even when you think you are friends. Nicotine stained fingers belie her chain smoking but she is polite enough to ask first and her aparment whic is nice, does not smell.She's selective, filters basrd on communication. Be polite, spell correctly, dress well and you will be fine. Up for most things so have a go on her at least once.

    I like the 'everything on show' part.. and I like the 'not shy for asking for more money'.. I didn't open a charity house u know lol
    We are here to have fun Mr. I donno your name or who u r so just enjoy and have fun.. Yes I am selective and yes I like a good company that consists of talking, laughing and enjoying. That's why you met me IF u met me.
    Of course who reviewed me had more fun that just talking to me 😊
    I guess u saw my pictures that r too revealing and my reviews which r too sweet and my profile as a whole to choose to come to me. Too bad you had the worst experience. Horrible! Please don't come again lol
    Thanks for the 4 stars x

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