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₹6,000 (US$ 72)
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₹8,000 (US$ 96)
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    Famous Amanda ........ 🧚‍♀️..A pure bliss of girlfriend experience..🧚‍♀️......
    ...Aftrr long break of about 2 months... I was again in bangalore. Last time when I had 3some with Amanda and Esther... I got literally tired to fuck both simultaneously and could not concentrate on Amanda beauty nor did I fuck her fullest to enjoy her beauty. So this was my second visit and I wanted to enjoy only Amanda and her hour glass figure. 🤩. So this time I made to get myself free for 2 to 3hrs. Went to her place at night. Took some beer with me. She welcomed me in a sexy pink night dress. She has become more curvy and plush as compared to last visit. She took me directly to her bedroom. I was stunned to see changed bedroom.. she has upgraded her bed with nice bouncy mattress... bedroom lighting was romantic with a huge beautiful lamp at corner. She has kept al the necessary items at hand, like bottled water, clean white towels, lube , durex air thin condoms, table fan apart from ceiling fan and rooms smells nice. Overall she has taken her business serious and kept changing it as per her client request. She has become more curvy... the ass has grown more huge was looking awesome and Luscious. The ass is huge and very round now. Took her in my arms ...kissed her with lots of dfk... lifted her by holding that sexy bubble ass. Held her huge ass in my strong arms and suckled on those juicy huge boobs. Nipples were dark, sexy and big... just devored them in my mouth and sucked them like a small child.. She undressed me and was eager to take my huge hard cock. I laid on the bed and allowed her to play with my dick. She took the shaft and sucked it like an ice cream....made my dick slimy with her saliva and went down to take the entire huge cock and fucked it with her deepthroat... I was feeling heavens. Took her in Mish and spread her legs wide apart and fucked her like crazy.. it was full heavy pumping.. I exploring all depths her vagina with my dick. She was holdingy dick deep down like a pro. She holds the dick and massages it with her pussy. I was in heavens and wanted to reach orgasm
    But held it .... as i didn't want to miss my dream to enjoy Amanda beautiful ass . Tossed her to have a look a beautiful huge sexy ass. It's very soft and too bubble. My dick was hard like a iron rod aftrr seeing her ass which I missed to fuck properly in my last 3some session. I got crazy and kissed, licked her ass cheeks. It was tasting so good. Placed a pillow under her hips to make pussy more accessible.... sat on her ass and entered deep into her pussy. Man the view awesome. Huge ass and my dick was going in and out .....as it came out of every stroke.. more cream was collected from her wetness. The cream was all my dick. I loved to fuck her wet pussy.. I wanted to fuck more deeper
    ... so laid all my body pressure on her ... streched her legs wide apart with my legs holding her legs and fucked her like a pro... I went to next level in same position... wanted to feel her ass cheeks....so grabbed them and streched wide apart simultaneously I planted Amanda deep in bed with my chest on her back....and gave deep stokes into her pussy ... it was deep strong.... she was enjoying, moaning with pain pleasure and taking it like a pro... she held..my dick strong with her pussy muscles

    .... man...I was feeling her pussy full tight... she made me reach a beautiful orgasm. Fucked her asss almost 40 mins and she very well co_operated. I have never in myself fucked ass for so long and enjoyed it ..so throughly with all patience n pleasures prolonging....

    Room : 5/5... she has upgraded her room and it's beautifully setup with all amenities. She makes you feel comfortable and provides everything instantly whatever you ask.

    Bj skil :5/5 she's pro.. she looks in your eyes and fucks your dicks with her throat easily

    Sex :5/5 she's pro in pussy massage and you will love to fuck her sexy bubble huge ass.

    Amanda is a lovely lady. She takes her client seriously and makes all efforts to satify your fantasies . She enjoys making you a king in her bed. She's is very good hearted, too tolerant, very patient and treats you like her own boyfriend...actually more than boyfriend.. pure bliss of girlfriend experience. Catch her guys before she vanishes. 😁

    Love you my princess darling... Miss you... will repeat again soon. ..🤩🤩😘😘... only yours.. .Maximus💖

    Sweetie pie maximus thank u very much 😘 I appreciate alots to feel comfortable with me💋💋💋u make me feel like heaven that dick is on 🔥🔥🔥honey 🍯 am happy when u visit me all the time when you're here in bangalore,,,you're welcome darling more love to you sweet😋your good too and I never get tired of meet u again and again honey...

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    I have taken a session with Amanda.
    She was wonderful and her body figure is amazing... She is very playful...listening to customer needs and full fill that with smile. Nice experience 😍

    Thank u darling 💋💋was nice to meet you@😊and your are welcome again to my place 💕 anytime😋

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    I visited Bangalore last week for my office trip where i came across her profile on MR and the experience with her was unbelievable. It was a perfect GFE experience with her. She served me chilled beer before the actual game started 😉.
    I would definitely visit her again if I visit Bangalore in future .

    Anytime when you're in bangalore please babe feel at home you're welcome 😊 same here I can't wait to meet u again you're so sweet like vanilla 💖

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a webcam show with her,
    She is amazing and very polite. I'm planning meet her soon.

    Thank u babe you're welcome 😊 am waiting for u to treat u good and good service trust me love ❤ I can't wait for u do faster babe 😘

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    I met this gorgeous afro girl yesterday at her apartment and believe me she turns out to be the most genuine and beautiful girl .
    She provided me all what was discussed on call.
    It was nice clean and safe apartment and she has gorgeous body to fall for with perfect natural boobs and good skills to satisfy.

    Hope to meet u again babe..you're so sweet 😋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    My first 3some experience Had come true.

    Amanda the bubbly sexy, Esther the great bbw and myself maximus.

    I had lot of beer at night and woke up to find my Jonny was super hard. Searched massage republic and zeroed on Amanda based on reviews. Called her early morning at 6am and she confirmed with Vc.
    Took uber and Reached her very safe independent 3bhk house. She welcomed me with a beautiful smile and she took me straight to her bedroom which was clean and neat. The moment we entered her bedroom I started kissing her deeply and finalized the payment for session. She told me she has a friend Esther. I asked her to join with little extra bucks. Esther joined us and started kissing me like crazy .... while Amanda left room to freshnup. Esther already had bath and she was smelling damn good. We kissed and meanwhile asked her to.undress. she is huge and with huge ass and perky boobs. I sucked boobs like a child and laid her on her back on bed. Streched her huge thighs wide open... she was full wet wet down and dribbling. It exicted me to taste the wetness... I streched her legs wide open and started licking her pussy. It was hell wet n juices dribbling down. I licked it and pused my hard tongue deep In vagina. She moaned heavily...I took my tongue to her clit and started stimulating with tip of my tongue... she was too excited and started shivering... her whole body was in pure pleasure and shaking... I sucked more hard on pussy lips and devored her ciit in.mouth... she shaked and reached shaking thunder orgasm. She the then was trying to hold my hard cock... I told her let Amanda be back. Amanda returned after bath. She smelled good . She undressed and her boobs were huge and nipples were big n perky. I held and lifted on me while I sucked her boobs and gave her dfk. Put her on bed and made her to kneel in doggy position to have a look at her bubble butt. Man..she has a beautiful cuvry bubble ass u can die for. I streched her ass cheeks to get access. To pussy which was wet. Amanda told... make me more horny.. I sucked her from back... and she moaned and made lots of beautiful sounds. I told her if she makes loud sounds..neighbors will.come here... so I laid her on bed and streched her beautiful thighs to get her pussy visible.. she has a clean shaved pussy tiny with big pussy lips...I sucked them like a pro...she made sexy sounds which made my dick hard. I told them.... girls it's your turn to suck my dick. Amanda took position to suck my dick while.i fingered her tight tiny pussy and Esther went down to suck my balls. Both poured all saliva they had to make my duck juicy slimy and hard. They sucked like pro and picture was no less than a professional porn movie. Both sucked and Saliva was dribbling down my shaft to balls. It's was damn good pleasure. I was on cloud9 and told them I love you guys. They sucked hard and Amanda gave me heaven pleasure by deeptroart fucking.. I asked Amanda to come on top. She stood and took my dick in squatting position... she took it deep and I could feel her pussy gripping my dick hard meanwhile Esther gave me lots of kisses while Amanda riding my dick. I could feel her deep zones..then I made huge Esther to lay on her back and streched her thunder thighs deep... her pussy was wet ..I fucked her and simultaneously stimulated her clit. It was beautiful awesome view... she was moaning heavily with pleasure..I held her hand and told her to self stimulate her clit... she started and her whole body started shaking heavily... she could not take my heavy fucking.....she.almist reached orgasm twice ..she even closed her mouth to make less sounds while reaching... I could feel her pussy muscles grabbing.my dick when she was reaching oragsm. I pulled her hands from mouth and kissed her lips while to achieved greatest orgasm of life. Then I took a break and had smoke. Then pulled Amanda face on edge of the bed and fucked her face deeptroart while sucking Esther boobs and kissing her. It was amazing to fuck throat. Then I asked Amanda to kneel doggy on edge.of the bed. Asked Esther to strech her ass cheeks wide open. I could see her beautiful pussy wet waiting for my dick to enter. Streched her pussy skin wide open and entered her deep down and fucked her like a pro.. she was in pure pleasure pain ...I.pulled her and put her on her back and streched her legs wide open to get her tiny pussy access. Shoved my hard stone dick deep down her pusy... fuckwd her deep while I streched her legs wide apart and gave her lots of kisses while she was moaning with pain..I started to sweat heavily ...so I took break and had smoke. My Jonny became little small.. so I asked Amanda to sucked hard again... which she readily.gave another deepest throat session. My dick stood like a hard iron rood ready to fuck Amanda Tiny pussy. I told her this will be last round to tolerate. Put her on bed and place a pillow back of hrr ass to gett deepest pussy zones. Entered her and fucked her deep zones like there was no tomorrow. Fucked her deep and kissed her deep to Reach Ultima climax of my life. A memorable 3some experience it was.


    Session time... 2hrs nonstop
    Place.. 3bhk very safe and decent neighborhood
    Esther : huge bbw... she made all efforts to add pleasure and agreed for all positions. She is good bbw if u like huge girls
    Amanda: beautiful hour glass figure you can dream. Bubble but sexy huge boobs and big niiple u can suckle for life. She is very cooperative and makes you feel at home. Great attitude and down to earth. Very decent girl she values your company and makes you feel like a king in bed
    Orgasms: Esther 2wild orgasm. Amanda one and myself one ultimate climax of my life
    Overall experience: great VFM... just go for her without second thought. Please treat my princess good and take drinks while going ... she will be happy.

    Enjoy Amanda and Esther and let me know your reviews here.

    They are far better vFM than cheap indain escorts.

    Enjoy humping!!!

    Amanda love you babe for all heavenly pleasures. I will.keep repeating. Lots of kisses and hugs😘😘😘😘

    Yours and only yours....


    Love you too...you got a nice cock a hard one.so sweet 😋 you're so romantic,u have a energy babe u fuck 2hrs non stop,,like the ways u suck my pussy l was so wet...I can't get enough of you maximus....I can't wait to see u again to fuck as hardly and harder.....mwaaaa babe💋💋💋❤

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is a queen....having an hourglass figure ..and soft body..with great nipples..your time will be worth spending with her . She makes all your fantasies come true like gfe

    Thank babe

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    Met this amazing, voluptuous and hot lady few days back, She made me comfortable from the beginning, She fulfilled all my fantasies, starting from tongue kissing , a very hot blowjob and I asked her to sit on my face, woow she has an ass to die for.I finally ended with nice intercourse. Will definitely come back again

    I can't wait to meet u again babe...

  • where do you host in bangalore?

    by AZS2023 – 26 Apr 2023

    Please whatsapp me

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