Hello all.

My name is Penny-Ying, am a certified therapist practicing the ancient manhood massage therapy for sexual health benefits, most of my clients are male, female, couples from all around the world.

Sexual energy plays an important role in supporting our physical and mental functions and improving health. Manhood massage is an alternative holistic health which has a long history in a few Asian countries.

Hormones Spa is one of the few places in Bangkok practising these ancient massage techniques and we continually strive to learn and provide our clients with the upmost benefits.


📌 JUAGEN (抓根)









This is an energy increasing technique that aims to increase blood circulation and flow of sexual energy. All treatments safe and clean with careful step by step.


🔻Sleep enough.
🔻No ejaculated 3-5 days before massage.
🔻No full stomach.
🔻Clear out your bowel movements.

I would be delighted to provide the services to you at either incall or outcall 24 Hours.

LINE ID : penny-ying


Per hour from
฿3,000 (US$ 81)
English (Good)
160 cm / 5′3″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Amazing service!!
    I feel like I re-born.
    She is very kind and can answer all the questions you have about your night life

    Thank you so much, I don't remember who you are but I hope you are safe during this pandemic crisis wherever you are, lots of kisses 💖

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I can’t say enough good things about Penny… A wonderful person and highly experienced and knowledgeable professional in her field… Her massages, advice and recommendations have been a great help for me… I feel I have someone who understands me and I can go to for just the right massage and/or advice for improving my sexual energy and enjoyment… What better gift!!!

    Kob kun Ka 💖

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    All I can say is WOW!!! I've never, ever experienced anything close to that. It took me a while to regain my composure to the point where I could get up. Ying knows male anatomy and puts that knowledge to very good use. In addition she genuinely cares about her clients and satisfying their needs. After finishing and once my ability to speak returned she asked how it was and if there was anything she could do better next time. It's so rare to see that type of caring attitude in any profession and it's exceptional to see it here. A very sweet woman. All in all, on a scale from one to ten, it was an "Eleven" for sure. I'll definitely be back. Thanks Ying!

    Many thanks ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Firstly, I want to thank everyone who reviewed before me. It really helped me to make a choice in going with Penny.
    She arrived on time (I did an outcall) and we went to my room. I told her I never had this type of massage before and I asked her to explain to me what to expect. She went into a lot of detail, and so there were no surprises from me. I think I might have surprised her a little bit.

    There is no sex or nakedness like she says. I didn't even bother asking about that as I really had hired her to do the prostate message.

    She started off with a regular message with oil and then did some special stuff around the anus and area between anus and balls. Maybe 30 minutes you are on your front. Then you flip and it is chest and some more massage around the private area. Maybe another 30mins. She is really an expert at edging and controlling you to cum or not.

    The prostate milking was great. I had an orgasm and then she finished me off with a regular orgasm.

    I highly rate it. Was worth the time and effort.

    Thank you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in bed. I was shaking. I recommend getting some poppers beforehand.


  • Will it be ok if I am aroused during the session. Hope that will not be insulting to you ?

    by man6dev9 – 25 Aug 2022

    I have videos of how I massaging my client private part area , WhatsApp me 😄

  • Do you provide poppers ?

    by vip_client – 3 Mar 2022

    I do have 2 bottles:)

  • I'm certainly awaiting Bangkok to reopen and to have a session with you. I got 2 questions, 1. What the full session will have? Full body massage and prostate massage? 2. Do you use gloves when you do the prostate massage?

    by alex_196 – 12 Apr 2022

    Always use fingers gloves when entering anus.

  • Have you use any sex toys? ejaculate and force ejaculation what is the different?
    can you do 2 or 3 hours?

    by xmanwax – 17 Oct 2020

    I do have TOY but prefer fingers, I like to feel it myself. No forced just let happen naturally with less hands job, more focusing on prostate sensation.

  • Hi
    during the session need to pills for erection?
    how many shots?
    thank you

    by xmanwax – 8 Jun 2020

    Not quite understand the question very well sorry.

  • Have you done it to black customers

    by TIKO_black – 24 May 2020

    Yes but not with fingers. My fingers are not long enough for some clients with big butt.

  • how much time do you require for this type of massage?

    by alan_19 – 26 Jan 2020

    90-120 minutes.

  • Do u have line ?

    by Rob_6 – 2 Nov 2019


    Line ID: penny-ying

  • How much time is needed in advance of a booking?

    by Tomnut – 1 Nov 2019

    As soon as you certain please. Some days I don't have available appointment for anyone at all.

  • Will you be naked during the session? and if yes are we allowed to touch?

    by Tyke928 – 11 Oct 2019

    No, no clothes off, no touching allowed, sorry.

  • If I had ejaculation a day before then have your prostate massage, what will happen? Any problem?

    by karashi360 – 19 Aug 2019

    Will be even more difficult to get the job well done.

  • Can your techniques be done 4 hands style?

    by Bahbdog – 29 Jul 2019

    At the moment no 4 hands massage, My assistant whom provide 4 hands massage together with me has her own bookings.

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