Hey Gentleman!!!


Please read once the complete advertisement .. Thanks


First I really wanna thanks with all my heart for the wonderful response I received for online session. It was really not possible without your love and support.

Hope everyone is in good faith and shape, & happy with their family and love one

Wanna keep things very limited and relaxing with fun for people of us, prioritising hygienic and safe too for both of us.

I will continue my online fun session

Let's me list my online session plan first -

Bra pic of me wearing deep celverage till nipple from lips.. (Crop face) (8 to 10 bra pic and normal pic with face 5 to 7)1000

Chat sex with bra pic of me(20 min to 25)1500


Phone sex/audio sex

1)15 min phone sex/audio -1500
2)15 min phone sex with bra pic -2100

# phone session for Indian number is through direct phone call from my calling number.
# International number - phone session through hangout or Skype only. Or u can call on my calling number.

Cam/video fun

1) 10 min video nude session - 2100
2) 15 min video nude session - 2600
3) 20 min video nude session - 3100
4) 30 min video nude session - 4100

# Normally I talk too during video sessions while giving video session, but some request i get where one wanna get comfortable before doing nude sessions, So in that case 10 min of extra phone session can be done by paying extra 500 above any video session.

# I always wear mask during nude sessions it's for privacy of me, one negative review I have got saying I always wear mask during session.I have clear this thing before hand. & in no case I'm gonna compromise with my privacy at any cost.Its gonna be normal mask which now we wear in day to day life. For 1 min I can remove mask before starting of nude session.But just for a min.. But not anywhere in between nude sessions I would remove mask.

# In cam/video session I strip clothes in front of u.. Try to perform my best I can. & show whichever body part u ask me to show and try to make u excited and horny so u could cum. But I don't dance or do any dance or lap show which some expect me to perform and if I don't then they give wrong review

# I try to make u cum according to the time of video session you pay for. Sometime Extra 1 min is acceptable for me.. I'm not that rigid lady and I always try to coporate and enjoy the most I can.
But if paying for 10 min session please don't expect I would do session for 15 min, to which some have complained about me being in hurry.. Which is totally not truth. If one pay for 10 min session I would entertain u for 10 min.. And make u cum in that, or 1 min extra I can adjust but don't expect I would keep performing further of that time sessions. So please take session accordingly to the time you enjoy or time it takes you to cum.


Silver package - 10 k - upto 2 hours
Upto Two shot with condom & one bj without condom.

Gold package - 13 k upto 3 hours
Upto 2 to 3 shot with condom & 1 bj without condom, shower together fun, normal body massage, shaving of public hair if u want one

Mini dimaond - 15 k upto 4 hours
Upto 3 shot with condom and 1bj without condom and one small bj before shot for erection. Shower together fun, normal body massage, shaving of public hair if u want one.

Diamond - 20 k upto 6 hours
Upto 4 shot with condom two proper bj without condom Shower fun together, normal body massage, and shaving of public hair if u want one..

Mini Platinum - 25 k.Upto 7 hours
Upto 3 shot with condom.upto 3 proper bj without condom ,shower fun together, normal body massage and shaving of public hair if u want one.

PLATINUM - 30 K Upto 8 to 9 hours
Unlimited shot with condom, 3 to 4 bj and rest all same above.

Please note -
# I prefer to meet in hotel mostly, location limited to aerocity, dwarka, mahipalpur, cp, mayur Vihar.

# I never take advance for meeting, only prepaid hotel booking confirmation.

# I take payment in hotel room before start of service according to package.

# If someone wanna meet to far location from the location metioned above, then it would be 1K EXTRA for travelling.

# If someone wanna meet at their home then MIN 5 K ADVANCE is must. But location should suit me first then only.

# Outstation meeting would be 50 k per night with same above service, but 60 percent ADVANCE with Flight up down and rest 40 percent before start of service.
But would always be good and economical if one first meet me here in delhi then ask for outstation.

# My charges are non negotiable.

# Its has been more then 2 years in this Profession and for the same period I'm active on this page too, And yes it's true I don't look or act Like YOUNG INSTAGRAM kind of gal, neither I claimed ever being a one .The first line when u WhatsApp me I tell married and I got one young son too.. Its true I'm not 28, since 2 year I'm saying I'm 28 but u can never accept a lady telling her true age too & a gentleman never ask too.

# I'm 5.5 in height with 36 d my size. I'm very presentable,this no one can question me, I believe in my ethics and discipline and strictly follow my rules.

# I'm pure sadarni which sure knows how to seduce men in a proper way. & I always respect the hard earn u, spend on me to enjoy ur time with a family lady who listens to you, & pamper u.

# I don't do ANAL or CIM or GLODEN SHOWER or GROUP OR THREESOME or BDMS, I'm very firm to it and under no circumstances I am gonna change it no matter what money u say.. . Rest max things I do as per comfortable level of both of us and enjoyment level. Let's keep things where both of us enjoy instead of I'm being in pain..

# As per the commitment I do share three pic of me with details, if you want more pic of me you could opt for my service of bra pic costing 1000 where in I would share more 10 pic and you could decide.

# If you still not convinced with pic of me you could opt for my cam session, price mentioned above, would remove my mask for good time so u would know for sure I'm same lady you meeting and decide u wanna meet or not.

# I don't entertain young people below the age of 25 or guys who depend on their family income as I know worth of hard earn money

#Last I work alone, not associate with anyone, it has came to my knowledge lots of fake profile has been created using my pic, don't fall for trap

# let's makes things simple and transparent for both of us and respect each other privacy and enjoy the time together again and rock each other to extreme love making pleasure

Love u

Outcalls per hour from
₹8,000 (US$ 95)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
Punjabi (Fluent)
168 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
New Delhi
  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    She's a beautiful Punjabi women with good experienc. We booked for a gold package as she described but she didn't kiss as french kiss was promised apart from that she stayed and have a good service. She was on top moaning and screaming with cumming and her boobs were hard.. she's is a good milf to be experienced but for the first time she don't kiss and won't allow u to lick her pusssy ultimate experience was good when it comes to sex and her moaning

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Admin please approve 🙏🏾
    Took cam session from Disha. She doesn't talk dirty or perform a dance. But actually she doesn't need to. Her body looks like it is crafted from the finest material available to God. Every inch of her body is beauty which cannot be explained.
    She is not promoting herself with kinky lines and skimpy clothes. But believe me what lies behind those conservative clothing and humble presentation is a treasure. Anyone who appreciates beauty must atleast try a cam session with her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She is a fun loving and sweet housewife
    We meet last month fun and oo boy she was very great.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    Met Disha in June. Great lady.
    Booked her for silver package. If you guys like milfs would surely recommend her.
    Good assets and her ass is good. Enjoyed fucking her from behind.
    Blowjobs are also good.
    Would love to meet her again when am in Delhi.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her few days ago. She's very nice to talk to and really enjoys the session as well. She was fully involved and takes the initiative to satisfy her partner. Her profile is genuine and so are the pics. Her body was mesmerizing and her ass were just an experience of a lifetime. Was lucky to have met her. And will definitely meet her again and again. 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is real sweet and great👍 👍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Had a cam show with her . Absolutely amazing and gorgeous. Very sweet in nature. Planning to meet soon.

  • Rating: 2 / 5by

    Met her last month .. on chat she promised on deep kissing and smooch and fixed her for gold package... hand over the amount in the room on entering then after some talks foreplay started...
    She is good on foreplay but when i asked for smooch she didnt do it saying that on first meeting i dont do it from next meeting i will do it deeply. It was a turn off that she promised on chat and denied when i met her....
    On bbj she was ok nothing extra ordinary as it was only for 3-4 mins ... fucking of her was good and moaning was good too but she got tired on Wot position and all. Overall it was an ok experience she looks little older and overweight than in her pics here. But the major complaint was she promised in watsapp and denied on real meeting. If u want a fuck and decent blowjob try her if you want dfk and all then avoid her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met Disha on 27 Nov
    She was elite and class apart
    Definitely would be next meet with only when in her location.
    Perfect and humble. The cozy sleep together was soothing and refreshing cuddling each other. Thanks for great time sweetie.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Rarely you meet someone with whom you connect instantly. Disha is one such lady. During our time spent together, not even for a second I felt that I've met her for the first time. And where the connect is good, sex is ought to be great.
    It was my b'day and she made me day!
    Thanks Disha!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Very polite and gentle and highly professional. Love u. Will definitely meet in person some day.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is a true soul with great body. Just had a session. Complete GF experience, never in hurry, truly a hot MILF. Nice boobs size, good in discussion too. See u soon to lick your wet pussy and try GUN pose.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    One of my favourite milfs, very sweet to talk,not a timewatcher,accommodating,friendly and great services

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had cam session. Sweet lady. Accommodating and truthful.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Dear mam Can u trample me (like stand on chest), victory pose (one foot on chest with ur posing like u won in wrestling match) teasing and making fun in hindi. Using me as footstool while u watch tv, apply nailpolish and sit on my chest.role play as female assassin and in end I give up and u stand on my chest with one feet on my face and call ur boss like job is done.sorry for such long post

    I have no control on review.. But for a idiot like u would sure would have taken action.. This is review section not question and answer.. Please post the same on question and answer

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    This is just to appreciate how well you wrote your bio. It has all the required details and a got a friendly tone to it.

    Thanks dear.. And appreciate that you notice

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Nice attitude, milf body , quality time spent with her

    Really sweet of you dear.. I too enjoyed.. Sure would meet again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    had a cam session with disha tonight. she was very prompt in response even though it was after midnight. she's got really hot curves and insanely hot pair of boobs (no kidding). Found her easy to talk to and she's capable of holding a conversation, and when is that not a bonus!? For someone who has not interacted with her and is reading this review - she will share 3-5 genuine pics of herself and detailed price list. she's pretty honest in her dealings, so you get what is agreed upon. Also she seems like an experienced campaigner so she knows how to do good cam sessions. she'll make you comfortable before getting into the act. I can't wait to meet her in person 😉 !!!

    Ahhh.. Thanks for taking out time for write a such a beautiful notes.. Sure dear.. Looking forward to meet u

  • Rating: 2 / 5by (1 other review)

    We planned to meet to meet for a short duration (3-4hrs) back in August 2019 for ₹10,000. She asked me to recieve her from Palam metro station. First of all if she's charging that high amount then it's her responsibility to maintain her body as well, i mean she is a bit extra fat but in photos she looks appealing. Second, she was in rush. Third, she is really bad in giving blowjob & massage. Fourth, i paid ₹1500 (hotel+taxi) which I think she should have paid as she was over-charging. Fifth, I left the hotel within 2hrs as that X factor was missing from her side.

    I really appreciate taking out time to write a review.. Seriously? Real one..? First as u say we met in 2019 and u thought to write review in 2022,why all of sudden love for me..? It I so bad why remember me now? It means something is fishy here.. Anyway, now lets come to ur first point - I never meet in 10 k for three to four hours.. Never, this speak u really met me or not.. Any person who has met ever knows My charge is 10 k for 2 hour and 13 k for three hours and 15 k for 4 hour..
    Anyway, let's again agree to disagree on another point, The word which u use is rush - usually in one hour package I always got this review of rush.. Due to which I stoped one hour.. Since corna I never meet for an hour package due to this problem.. As people think Im in rush, but they forget to understand that they paid for one hour only.. And once in love making, one don't get check of time how one hour gets end.. Anyway let's come to third point.. - massage in silver 10 k, which u claim to have meet me for - so dude I never give massage in silver package.. I really doubt u met me even.. Anyway again let's agree to disagree on another point.. - you said u pick my from palam metro and I charged taxi far.. - dude.. Anyone who met or knows me-know that I never charge taxi far till Aerocity or Cp or Dwarka or mahipalpur.. Extending from there I only charge taxi.. And I never pay for hotel too.. And last, u left the hotel? Always it happen is I leave the hotel with the host itself.. Never stay after him jn hotel.. If a session is over.. Anyway.. I know who u are, when I don't entertain you people and keep blocking.. U come down here..But I not fear anyone, as I'm honest and transparent.. I have kept my dp as My recent pic.. 90 percent now people fix meeting with me after doing cam session.. So nothing to hide here.. People whom I meet knows how I look, and they love me the way im..
    But anyway, thanks for taking out time and play your game.. But let me remind you, THE BEST BJ I GIVE.. EVERY GUY I MET SAID THE SAME TO ME AND THIS IS MT USP.. And I'm proud of My bj skill too.. Thanks dude.. Have fun..

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met this beautiful Queen way back in August & she was all over me since then.

    Very beautiful , genuine , sweet woman you can ever Meet .

    Every touch of her is amazing , plus she Is way to friendly . She is a perfect Desi Milf everyone is llooking here ❤️

    Thanks dear.. Really sweet of u.. Love you.. I appreciate the effort

  • Hi dear, do you have a telegram contact?

    by mvikrant2114 – 22 Feb 2023

    Only WhatsApp I use

  • Hello ma'am are you available for this sunday..?

    by huenmearc – 22 Jul 2022

    Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178

  • Hey disha ur profile is amazing I am glad to meet u in Mumbai if you comfortable...let me know ur dates sure we will hve a nice time ..bye tc

    by realgentleman1978 – 15 Feb 2022

    Would appreciate, if you could WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178..

  • Are you offering real meet nowadays? If yes then are you comfortable in oyo rooms?

    by kapoor_sahil17 – 2 Feb 2022

    Yes dear.. I'm meeting.. Nowadays

  • Waiting for your reply send you msg on your telegram id also my id is sultan T

    by Rahul_handsome – 27 Sep 2021

    Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178, I don't check telegram usually..

  • Liked your profile. Planning to visit Mumbai anytime soon?

    by jackiekool431 – 27 Sep 2021

    Not really at present.. Let's see in future dear

  • Are you available now ??

    by parthik_1 – 27 Sep 2021

    Yes dear.. Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178

  • Hi can we meet today mature single male here 38 in delhi staying in good hotel. I want you for full day and night for 2 days . I want full fun without any shot conditions anal to everything shower possible kya. If ok msg me telegram id

    by Sultan_15 – 27 Sep 2021

    Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178

  • Tourist make here 38 in delhi staying in good hotel in delhi. I want your services for full night and day 2 days completely okay for you msg me your hangout id or telegram id.

    by Sultan_15 – 27 Sep 2021

    Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178

  • Hi,
    Can you tell me ur availability for next week, lemon tree aerocity. Package gold

    by ps99260887 – 27 Sep 2021

    Please WhatsApp me on my number 9910569178

  • Are you doing real meets now ?

    by user123_1 – 7 Aug 2021

    Sure.. You can text me

  • I am interested in taking mini platinum package, also dropped a message on whatsapp.
    Kindly reply according to your convenience.

    by Boomer_19 – 7 Aug 2021

    I guess I relied.. Sometime I remain busy occupied with family.. As i work alone handling WhatsApp, and session too.. So working alone becomes difficult to reply always on time or frequely.. But I always reply whenverer I see message..

  • Hi
    Have you started real meet

    by rattankumar1855 – 7 Aug 2021

    Yes.. You can WhatsApp me

  • Do you provide video session + pics as well ?

    by Mohit_Gurgaon – 30 Apr 2021

    Yes dear.. Please whatsapp

  • Your v d o with a client is online. Quite detailed

    by sid_1911 – 23 Jan 2021

    Thanks dear

  • Do you give b2b service ?

    by kapoor_sahil17 – 12 Oct 2020

    What's b2b?

  • Can you give mixed wrestling session ?

    by crazy4wrestling14 – 12 Oct 2020

    Hehehhe... Lol, No sorry sweetie..

  • I'm in delhi, want to book you for full day 10-8
    My phone lost in travel so no what's app, do you reply to email

    by TheDarcy – 12 Oct 2020

    Yes dear.. I do replay mail.. But I'm not active with replying To mail

  • Do you provide BDSM / Trample sessions?

    by Dractator – 12 Oct 2020

    No dear

  • Hi Disha,
    What's the status of real meet service dear? Have you stated or not yet?

    by deverma7860 – 12 Oct 2020

    Yes dear.. I have started meeting

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