Please read the complete details and then Message me.
Guys who can not move ahead without a face pic, Please don't contact.
I am Independent Girl from Gujrat But i visit delhi often
I am open to meet Mature and Rich men, with my terms & conditions.

⭐ In services i do Everything Natural with condom only. I do not Offer ANAL.
⭐ Pics uploaded here are mine and recent, I do not share face pics.
⭐ I meet in Good hotels, I do not meet in Home, Farm house or any private places.
⭐ I charge 15000 (2 to 3 hrs.1 shots MAX), 20000 ( 3 to 4 hrs. 2 shorts Max) 30000 for night (4 shots Max)
⭐ I need paid hotel booking details to confirm your date, i call or contact after getting the hotel bookings.

Who are ready with my charges and terms & conditions can contact me to meet.

Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 180)
English (Fluent)
New Delhi

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  • Hii dimple are you available on 2 nd September for full night ' please let me know

    by rohanchandel9056 – 23 Aug 2022

    yes i am free.

  • I have mailed you many times. Please check and revert yr

    by Noobie082 – 15 Aug 2022

    whats ur email and whats ur number?

  • Please revert to my mails..i wanna meet on 14th August already have a confirmed hotel booking at aerocity

    by Chiku_4 – 13 Aug 2022

    ok mail me with details plz

  • Can you meet in CP delhi on 3rd April??

    by Chiku_4 – 30 Jul 2022

    april is gone dear

  • Hi
    Can you come to Noida plz reply

    by Aravk – 24 Jul 2022

    Dear i have replied you many time, i understand u have a lot of time, but plz don't disturb me, there nothing left to discuss, we discussed everything almost 10 to 12 times. why asking same thing again then?

  • Hi your phone is not reachable... any other way to contact you

    by Pleasure_11 – 16 Sep 2021

    please mail me.

  • Can I contact you on WhatsApp?

    by rajnayyer2 – 29 Aug 2021

    NO, only direct call.

  • Kindly revert back on my mail. I have tried to connect with you but didn't get any reply from your side.

    by sc7147249 – 24 Jul 2021

    saurav chaudhry right??
    you want sex without protection, that has already been posted over your ID with the full conversation, so don't act here on other profiles?
    do you want me to post your full conversation here on the question section?

  • have sent you message please check!!

    by arjun696969 – 22 Jul 2021

    whats your mail ID?

  • Is 11july OK for you?

    by rajnayyer2 – 27 Aug 2021

    correct your date.

  • Could your reply to my mail with your full name. I would need it to book a room. Thanks

    by rajnayyer – 20 Aug 2021

    why you need my name to book room???

  • I have mailed you. Email-

    by rajnayyer – 13 Jul 2021

    doesn't matters dear.


    by rajnayyer – 19 Jun 2021

    you have been mailing from long time, and you have negative reviews also, why don't you book hotel in delhi area rather than only narula hotel?
    if you can book in delhi, please share booking,

  • R u available in June?

    by rajnayyer – 18 Jun 2021

    Note- your hotel narula will not do in noida, if you want to meet, you have to book in delhi,, if you can not, stop sending mails regularly

  • Could you reply???

    by rajnayyer – 18 Jun 2021

    please confirm your date and hotel booking.

  • Check you mail pls

    by rajnayyer – 30 May 2021

    whats your email ID, confirm that first.

  • Multiple times msg no reply from you.
    not getting u interested in serving or just fooling guys with add?

    by Varchitboss – 2 Dec 2020

    may i ask you something please, the same question has been answered to you by many profiles, is it like no body replies you, or you are just in messages, how many profiles have you met? can you please reply?

  • Could you share your email address?

    by rajnayyer – 2 Dec 2020

  • Sent u an email. Kindly reply

    by rajnayyer – 12 Dec 2020

    replied to your mail.

  • Do u also do webcam?

    by rajnayyer – 7 Nov 2020

    I am available only for real meets

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