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Incalls per hour from
₹15,500 (US$ 185)
Outcalls per hour from
₹22,000 (US$ 263)
Hindi (Good)
153 cm / 5′0″
Hair color
New Delhi
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Again great session!
    Im addicted to her brownies in my mouth
    Cause it feels like smell of her brownies attracts me and she made it so much that twice the mouth full and her domination to make it finished and desire to be cleaned only with tongue makes me feel like real deal slave.

    Thnks my regular poo lover
    N thnks for this review

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Met her yesterday, absolute beauty, she did things perfectly as I said, I asked for brown shower in my mouth and real swallow anyhow and ending session with blowjob. I can't believe I thought she would be soft on me as like others. But oh my she did really give me big 3 turds in my mouth with full pressure of her ass on my face. She starting pitching me and punching me like real mistress while I was trying to push it away from my mouth but could not as she was sitting on it. She blocked my nose and stated abusing me that I have to swallow or she will click pic of me like this, I was scared but was really enjoying the perfect bdsm mistress!!! I can't believe it took 1 hour for me to chew it all and swallow whole. She seems happy on it and gave me blowjob, after I done as perfect gift of mistress she gave me one last turd surprise and started bouncing on my face which pushes it deep in my mouth, It choked me and she still bounce and laugh. I panicked and wanted water then she pissed in my mouth which I hated but swallow as I was scared choked.

    Five stars perfect mistress! Would surely repeat and have long term mistress slave sessions with her

    Thnks to n god bless you n I wish u come again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I really appreciate sfe independent flat
    Hygienic cln home environment is so amazing
    Body n finer like some pic n better give best gf experience n role ply
    Milky boobs n nice pushy clean 👌 totally like best n amazing thanks my dear
    Thanks my dear vidhi u full fill my funtcy
    Jo Chahiye to vo sab mila or use jydq
    U really funtcy queen
    I agin meet
    N stop my words bz jita khukam he

    Thnks amu darling

  • When can i come again to eat your potty ma'am ?

    Also if you can arrange 4 more girls and do a party theme where you eat and drink while using me as a couch for sitting and poop shit in my mouth one by one and ignoring me

    by mehtay811 – 5 Apr 2024

    Sure my ditry dog 🐶🐕 n again I sit ur face n poo come on

  • Hey where do you provide your incall services in Delhi and what are the charges for Anal session?

    by Sexy_Leader – 14 Jan 2024

    Delhi South delhi panchseel metro near I hv independent flats watsup 8077800672 anal if u give best amount

  • with best hygine can you ass finger me ,+ can we pee on each other (pissplay) with lots of spit kissing, NO need to swallow , iam looking for real nasty sloopy fluidic sex 🫠

    by kaamdev_1 – 11 Oct 2023

    Sure why not my dear come
    And complete ur fantasy dream

  • hello babe, are you providing anal and how much for anal ?

    by Darkjack – 7 Aug 2023

    I not do before this my 1st time so my anal varginty offer 20k one shot

  • Would u like to come Hyderabad
    I really want all stuff service

    by gknar97 – 31 Jul 2023

    Thnks to u asked pls watsup n tg

  • Hello Mistress
    Looking for toilet training ..forced brown shower punishment...I want to learn about it and swallow it too under your command .
    May I know your charges for this ?
    And near by metro station where you have place??

    by hero_001 – 10 Jun 2023

    Read my profile for my service
    Contcat to watsup 8077800672
    N tg @vedulove4u

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